Kagu All-Weather Floor & Cargo Mats: Pay Less for No More Mess Stress

3D Maxpider Kagu Floor mats

Nobody likes cleaning their car’s interior carpet. It is laborious, difficult, and some stains just refuse to leave. Gone are the days of bending under your steering wheel to scrub and vacuum the crevices in their footwell. Drivers these days run into some of the harshest conditions. Whether it be slushy cold snow or dark sticky mud, your feet come in contact with some irreversible contaminants. Bringing all of that filth into your precious vehicle leads to even more headaches and eyesores. Get rid of the stains and back pains with Kagu All-Weather floor and cargo mats from 3D Maxpider.

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Anyone can run down to their local parts store and buy a cheap piece of rubber that barely passes as a floor mat. But those come with so many compromises. For starters, universal fit floor mats are cut and shaped to fit a general area of your footwell. This exposes parts of your floor leaving it susceptible to all of the contaminants you intended to protect from. If you are lucky, some of those cheap quality floor mats utilize small spikes to rely on gripping your vehicle’s floor. Not only do those work sparingly, they run a risk of damaging your vehicle’s upholstery. Finally, although these cheap floor mats advertise and being rubber, they do not guarantee a solid grip for your feet if things get wet down there. These floor mats are better off being a doormat to your workshop.

If those three factors are your top priority when looking for floor mats, look no further than Kagu All-Weather floor and cargo mats from 3D Maxpider. Each floor mat is designed, measured, and cut to fit your specific year, make, model, and even your trim configuration to ensure complete coverage of your vehicle’s footwell. You no longer need to worry about those corners of the footwell collecting dirt, water, and whatever else your feet bring in to the cabin. To avoid the floor mat from shifting and damaging the upholstery of your footwell, Kagu floor mats utilize a patented grip pattern to hold on to your footwell’s floor and never let go. If your vehicle has factory retention hooks, your Kagu floor mats will hook to those as well! 3D Maxpider even took the comfort of your feet into consideration. Each all-weather floor mat is designed with a special woven material that not only grips your feet, but gives your floor a carbon fiber look as well. For the driver side floor mat, there is a reinforced heel area for that heavily used section of the floor mat. If you are still on the fence after reading all of that, Kagu all-weather floor mats feature a patented XPE material between the upper and lower layers. This material dampens noise and vibration that may come through the floor of the vehicle.

3D Maxpider Kagu Floor mats

Gone are the days of sacrificing style for function or vice versa. With Kagu all-weather floor and cargo mats, you can get the best of both worlds. Protect your vehicle’s floor from the dangers of water, mud, and spills all while giving off a striking look. You have your choice between three colors to complement your vehicle’s interior: black, gray, and tan. After you put your Kagu all-weather floor mats through the ringer, cleaning them is as easy as installing them. Simply remove the mats from the vehicle, rinse and dry, then install your clean mats back in to the vehicle. Get some good looking protection under your feet today with Kagu all-weather floor and cargo mats from 3DMaxpider.


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