Kick Off 2019 with Brand New Westin Gear


Jeep Enthusiasts unite! Westin‘s 2019 gear is here to deliver modern tech for your off roading adventures. From front to back, and in between, Westin has your rig covered. Since the late 1970s, Westin’s promised to “make them right and make them last,” and they won’t stop now.

Front & Back

Westin WJ2 Bumpers look good on AND off the trail.

Westin WJ2 Bumpers

Enter Westin’s versatile WJ2 bumpers. Built tough with 3/16-inch plate steel, these bumpers are ready for action. And they’re not just for protecting your frame. With the WJ2 Bumper’s versatile design, you can mount your winch, light bars, fog lights & post lights. Since we all know lights & winches aren’t cheap, these bumpers are designed to protect them, too.

In fact, the engineers at Westin thought of everything. The WJ2 Bumper is one of the few where you don’t have to remove anything to install your winch. With a bolt-on design, save hours off your installation time. Plus, with the winch fitting inside the bumper, you’ll get maximum air flow to your radiator. So you can stay on the trail longer without the fear of overheating.

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Westin MAX Winch Tray

Mount the Westin MAX Winch Tray directly to your Jeep’s frame for maximum stability and strength. So you can take on the most rugged trails. If you get stuck, you can get out.

Now available for a variety of truck and Jeep applications, its low profile design is great for functional use and can accomodate two tow hooks on either side. Westin tested the MAX Winch Tray all the way up to 16,500 lbs. However, we recommend 8000-12,000 lb winches with a height no taller than 10.25″ (due to fitment constraints). The MAX Winch Tray comes pre-drilled to work with either a hawse style or roller fairlead setups.

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In Between


Westin Jeep Wrangler Triple Tube Rock Rails

Protect those rocker panels — and look good doing it. Westin Triple Tube Rock Rails are the perfect addition for any off road Jeep Wrangler. These tough-as-nails 2-inch diameter tubes mount directly to your frame to handle your most heavy duty rock sliding. With a coarse texture powder coating, access your ride with a sure grip. And for a headache-free installation, bolt them on directly — no drilling required.

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The offroad community keeps growing. 2019 is bringing out more of your favorite modern tech. Get your modern gear from Westin & get out there. (Wherever “there” is.) See all that Westin has to offer to get you there the right way.


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