LeBra: Front-End Protection You Didn’t Know You Needed

LeBra Custom Car Bra

For the road warriors out there, who put tens of thousands of miles on their car annually, you know what kind of wear & tear your vehicle endures. Along with the mechanical maintenance required, cosmetic upkeep is just as important. The front end of your vehicle is the first line of defense against a world of debris-both alive and not. The next time you take a road trip, take a look at the nose of your vehicle. You will see dirt, dings from stones and debris, and a handful of bugs that were not lucky enough to get out of the way. The easiest way to protect the front end of your vehicle is to protect it with a LeBra Car Bra.

LeBra Car Bra

The front end of a vehicle is arguably one of the most important features of any vehicle from a styling standpoint. Engineers spend countless hours designing a face that not only is appealing to look at, but also provide proper function for aerodynamics, temperature control, and other performance factors. Protecting that front end is vital to ensure the work those engineers put in does not go to waste. Debris small and large can damage your front end both cosmetically and mechanically. Stones can chip your paint, bugs are almost impossible to remove from clearcoat, and larger debris can do serious damage. Just like floor mats or seat covers, adding protection to the front of your vehicle is the easy and smart way to keep things safe and fresh. LeBra can save your vehicle’s face from all things you may face head on.

LeBra Car Bra offers industry leading protection while maintaining your vehicle’s style and shape. Every LeBra is custom designed to fit your specific year, make, and model to ensure a tight fit to your vehicle. Along with a proper fit, the custom design ensures your headlights, fog lights, air dams, and license plate area are uncovered. Each LeBra is made with a strong leather grain vinyl on the outer layer to defend your vehicle from the worst while being able to dry as you drive. The inner layer is made from a soft material that does not harm your vehicle’s paint while in operation. To accommodate engine hood accessibility, LeBra comes in a two piece construction that separates the front cover from the hood cover. That way, you can open the hood of your vehicle without having to remove LeBra each time. Installation for your LeBra is a breeze. Using a combination of Velcro, nylon straps, and plastic hooks, no drilling or tools are required to protect the face of your vehicle. Protect your car or truck in less than 15 minutes!

Protecting your car is easier than ever. And you do not have to compromise performance or style to do it either. LeBra offers a high quality product for almost every vehicle on the road. Between ease of installation and maximum protection against the elements, LeBra is the best and easiest way to protect the beautiful face of your vehicle without breaking the bank. Installing LeBra on your vehicle will put a smile on both you and your car’s face.


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