New Tire Inflators From Goodyear

    Goodyear Tire Inflators

    Goodyear is one of the most trusted names in automotive, boasting over 100 years of experience.  Their products are designed with a balance of quality and durability for all drivers, commuters to professionals.  More than just tires, they even have you covered in emergencies with their lineup of Goodyear Tire Inflators available at!

    Goodyear:  Innovation Isn’t Just What We Do – It’s Who We Are

    The Goodyear lineup of products has evolved over decades of hard work and engineering.  The Goodyear Tire Inflators are no different.  They are designed to get you safely back on the road without additional assistance.  Waiting on a friend or a service professional could take several hours.  But the technology in Goodyear Tire Inflators makes them easy for all to use and cut the time to fix a flat to under 5 minutes!!!

    User-Friendly Features

    Speed – all Goodyear Tire Inflators can fill most tires from flat to full in 7 minutes or less.  The GY3D model takes only 3 minutes!

    Output Volume – range from 15 to 24 Liters/minute.  

    High Output Air Pressure – all Goodyear Tire Inflators have a maximum air pressure of 100+ PSI.

    Goodyear air compressorHigh Volume Compressors – the Goodyear GY6AHL and GY6DHL inflators are designed for use with air mattresses, pool toys, or anything that needs a large amount of air.

    Digital and Easy-Read Gauges – digital gauges allow for a precise PSI and stop automatically when full.  The Analog gauges are oversized, making them easy to read even in dim light.

    LED Worklight and Reflectors – easily light up the work area at night and reflect headlights to warn other drivers.

    Compact Design – portable yet powerful, includes a 12.5 ft power cord (12V power outlet) and 22 in. PVC hose.

    Goodyear Tire Inflators Save Time and Money!

    We engineer for everyday people.  Our goal is to get you back on the road in under 10 minutes from out of the car to back behind the wheel.  We also help save you money.  Goodyear tire inflators cost less than half of the average tow truck fee.  Also remember, properly inflated tires will increase the life of your treads and keep you out of the shop.  

    Visit today to find the Goodyear Tire Inflator that is right for you!


    1. Great story about Good Year tire inflators but others may not be impressed with the inflation as described. You indicated under the “User friendly features, Speed- All Goodyear tire inflators can fill a tire from full to flat in 7 minutes or less.”
      I can make a tire go from full to flat much quicker using an ice pick without purchasing this tire inflator. All kidding aside, I’m sure it was a type o. It makes perfect sense to have it say “from flat to full”.


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