Top Car Protection Picks to Cover Your Ride in 2021

Covercraft Car Protection

Getting a new car means a whole new set of promises we make to ourselves. “OK, this time absolutely no food or drinks in the car! And always park in the back of the lot to avoid door dings. And I swear if someone even so much as thinks of smoking in this thing I’ll…”

But those hard and fast rules kinda just fade away after a while, don’t they? After the scuffs, dings, stains, and other “beauty marks” start accumulating, those once holy commandments drift down to being more like guidelines than rules, and then eventually they just sort of end with a shrug.

However, we can stave off the entropy of life and keep your car a little nicer for the years you have it, that way when the time comes, you’ll still have some semblance of resale value to carry over to your next car that you totally won’t let get messed up this time.

So here are some of our top picks for keeping your car nice and protected:

Car Seat Covers for a Custom Fit:

Covercraft Precision Fit Leatherette:

Covercraft Precision Fit Leatherette Seat CoversStarting off this list with a way to not only protect your seats, but also make your interior feel a little more upscale and comfortable while you’re at it. With a high quality leatherette that contours to your seats for a look and feel normally found in German sports cars and exotics. However, unlike the leather that this material is mimicking, this polyester and polyurethane blend won’t wear out and get that smooth shine to it after years of use.

Both fabrics seen here are stain resistant and washable, and the covers are custom designed for you specific year make and model vehicle. Another plus from any Covercraft seat cover is that their products feature in-seat airbag breakaway sections in order to work with factory safety equipment, and feature map pockets in the back (not all manufacturers do).

Carhartt Canvas Seat Covers:

Whether you’re looking to protect your interior from children, pets, or the demands often placed on a heavily-trafficked work vehicle, Carhartt’s signature duckweave canvas is UV fade-resistant and blocks stains. Designed and manufactured by Covercraft, these covers take that protection to the next level by providing an impenetrable layer of defense that stops spills from leaking through and actually resists pet hair from accumulating. carhartt precision fit seat coversAdditionally, canvas is known for maintaining an even temperature, perfect for avoiding hot seats in the summer and cold ones in the winter.

Because canvas is such a tough material and do not stretch, these generally sit a little more loose on your seats. This means they are easy to pull on and off, but especially ballistic canvas seat covers prioritize maximum protection and toughness over looking like a factory option. The plus of this is you can throw them on when you need them, and then easily pull them off to enjoy a stock feel while you toss them in the washer and dryer without a care.

Car Covers and Bras for Exterior Protection:

Covercraft Noah Car Cover:

Basically our go-to custom-fit cover for fantastic outdoor and indoor protection, easy storage and flexible use. When people aren’t sure what car cover they need, this is where we point them, because it’s tough material, Covercraft Noah Car Coverbreathable, stays on in the wind and weather, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg while not being so cheap it will wear out in just a year.

With over 1,000 customer reviews, this is one of our top-rated car covers because it’ll keep your car clean and looks tidy with its snug fit. Its one-way-breathable fabric allows moisture out without letting dust in. When you’re ready to drive, just roll it up and put it in the included bag, and you’re ready to go.

Colgan Custom Original Car Bra:

You ever see those signs on the back of big trucks that say they’re not responsible for broken glass? Well those rocks they’re kicking up wreak havoc on more than your windshield, say hello to the world of rock chips! They’re less noticeable, but they sure do add up. That’s where a quality car Colgan Custom Car Brabra comes in. 

Stitched right here in the US of A from UV-resistant vinyl, Colgan Custom car bras are the industry leaders. They’ll resist fading under the hot sun, shrinkage in the heat and stiffness in the bitter cold, providing front end protection in all kinds of weather and road conditions. They’re backed by a layer of soft flannel that’s integrated into the vinyl to prevent separation and to keep your paint job protected and unscuffed. 

For a more affordable choice in car bras, check out the LeBra All Weather Car Bra. Custom fit, solid protection, and all the looks of the more expensive options on the market.

Dash Covers and Sunshades:

DashMat SuedeMat:

DashMat SuedeMat dash coverNot only will a good dashboard cover help cut down on windshield glare while you drive, it also protects the plastic from UV damage and prevent warping and cracking over time. Plus, they just look nice and give a more cozy feel to your interior.

Because DashMat makes these completely custom for your year, make, and model, they leave your vents, sensors, and trays open and fully functional. On top of that, they’re available in a range of colors to coordinate with your interior and are backed by a 2-year warranty.

Covercraft UVS100 Sunshades:

Covercraft UVS100 sunshadeNothing is worse than getting into a hot car in the afternoon, having to sit in traffic while waiting for your A/C to start giving you that sweet, cool relief. I mean even just trying to put on your seat belt when the buckle sitting at like 189 degrees isn’t what I would call fun. The answer? Throw a good sunshade in your windshield and do what you can to help the situation. This will also save your dashboard and other interior bits from sun damage. I have the Carhartt version in my Audi, and it works wonders. Well worth the premium over cheaper sunshades for the perfect fit, and insulating thickness.

Mark a few of these off your checklist, and you’ll be glad you did when it comes time to sell your car and you can check the “Very Good” box on Kelley Blue Book when it comes time to see what the old beast is worth.


  1. I’ve been trying to order things from you, but when I go to complete the order, it says that you don’t deliver to Canada.Is this true,or am I doing something wrong?

    • Hey Phillip,

      Unfortunately that is the case, yes. You would have to ship to a friend or mail forwarder in the US, or to a Fedex/UPS location over the border and then go pick it up.

      Sorry about that!


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