Pick Your Truck Out of a Lineup With New Wheels From G-FX


You ever walk up to a truck that looks just like yours only to realize a few embarrassing moments later that the reason your key isn’t working is because you actually parked one row over? Don’t worry, no one saw you (probably), but it still gives you that feeling that someone might run up and think you’re trying to steal their car, doesn’t it?

G-FX TR12 WheelOn the drive home you chuckle to yourself, laughing it off. I mean, the manufacturer only offers like 4-5 colors, of course this is going to happen, right? If only there were some way to differentiate your rig from the rest… Hmmm. Your neighbor already has the stick figure family game on lock, your other neighbor has a T-Rex eating the stick figure family on his truck, and the dude across the street has one of those stickers with Calvin peeing on a…

G-FX TR10 WheelWait! That’s it! Some better looking wheels would set you apart, right? Well the new G-FX TR10 and TR12 wheels by Voxx have you covered with more rugged styling, stronger alloy construction, and come in a wide range of sizes and bolt patterns to give you an updated look that stick-on, fake chrome vents just can’t touch.

Oh, and they’re pretty reasonably priced too. Nailed it.

G-FX TR10 on a Toyota Tacoma

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Garrett Davis
Garrett has something of a sickness when it comes to cars, working on everything from Jeeps, to sports cars, to over-engineered German nightmares. Currently he is embroiled in an Audi Allroad offroad project, and is slowly losing his grasp on sanity.


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