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Roof Racks vs. Roof Bags: A Comparison Guide

Whilroof racks and roof bags perform the same function of giving you extra storage space, they do so in different ways. Let’s take a moment to compare apples with oranges and learn about the main advantages of each type.

The Advantages of a Roof Rack:

Whether you’re trekking across the Gobi Desert in search of black-tailed gazelle or navigating your way over the Golden Gate Bridge with a load of soccer equipment, a roof rack is the perfect storage companion. Here’s an overview of its key features:

  • Capacity: Roof racks are essentially open storage platforms for your vehicle. You can pile as much or as little onto them as you want. Got odd-sized or extra large items? They pose no problem to a rugged roof rack. Just make sure you strap everything down tightly, or else your favorite set of golf clubs may bounce off and become road kill.
  • Versatility: More than just a cargo hold, a roof rack can be modified and personalized to fit your particular needs. For those who enjoy escaping from civilization and heading out into the wild backcountry, there are a number of accessories for your roof rack. Bolt on a couple of light brackets to light up the trail. Or, mount the ax and shovel carrier, so you always have the tools you need to safely build a fire pit or cut kindling. You can even add a heavy duty spare tire carrier, just in case you get a flat from driving over some brier.
  • Sport Ready: If your idea of a fun weekend is hurtling down Moab’s Porcupine Rim on your Cannondale, a roof rack is right for you. You can get an optional bike rack to bring your rugged two-wheeler along for the trip. Likewise, if you enjoy paddling your arms off down the Colorado River on your “canoe,” we have sturdy kayak carriers that will get right into the action. Roof racks are designed with the great outdoors in mind.
The Advantages of a Roof Bag

Whether you’re taking the family on a cross country trip to visit Wally World or heading out on an extended business trip, you don’t want your vehicle full of clutter. Roof bags give you plenty of extra space for all your travel gear. Check out these great benefits:

Aerodynamics: Wind resistance forces your motor to work harder, and the only way it can generate more energy is by guzzling more gas. To reduce power-robbing drag, vehicles usually have rounded surfaces. The same aerodynamic design is applied most roof bags. Their front edge is sloped backwards like a pompadour, letting the airflow breeze right over. Not only will this save you at the pump, but it also adds a sleek, streamlined appearance to your vehicle.

Security: Theft is a crime of opportunity. When you keep your stuff inside a roof bag and out of sight, then it will be out of the crook’s mind. Whether you fill your roof bag with jackets or jewelry, your cargo will be hidden from the jealous gaze of would-be burglars.

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