Seat Cover Material Guide (2019)


The easiest way to find your ideal set of seat covers is to think about the way you use your ride. Who goes in and out of your backseat? What comes in contact with your upholstery? Where do you go the most? The answer to these questions will determine the best seat cover to suit you. We broke it down so you can use your routine to find just the right fit.

Seat Cover Material Descriptions

Camo Seat Covers

Become one with the forest with a complete set of camo seat covers. Match your deer stand to your vehicle’s interior with authentic patterns like RealTree, Mossy Oak, and Kryptek. From basic canvas for the simplest protection, to the waterproof shielding of neoprene, camp seat covers work hard to protect your vehicle’s seats, and look great doing it. Camo seat covers can come in a variety of materials:

    • Ballistic Nylon – This rugged fabric was created back during World War II for aircraft personnel. The rugged, durable composition protected those personnel thanks to its waterproof, and nearly indestructible construction. Have your seats wear what those heroes have worn and suit them up with ballistic nylon camo seat covers.
    • Neoprene – This fancy synthetic material is completely waterproof, but also soft and flexible for comfort. For the swimmers and divers out there, covering their seats in the same thing that keeps themselves dry is a no brainer.
    • Neosupreme – Take the benefits of neoprene material and blend some polyester into it. Although this reduces the waterproof capabilities to water resistant, the cost of this material is significantly less. This material is great for someone to get the neoprene look and feel while on a budget.
    • Canvas – A sturdy combination of cotton and polyester makes for a strong material that’s resistant to water and other stains. The strong durability of canvas can also be machine washed making it an easy clean up. Canvas camo seat covers are one of the more popular seat cover options.

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Canvas Seat Covers

Defend your seats against the worst with canvas seat covers. Depending on your texture preference, they can come in a few varieties. Certain blends come treated to resist stains and water from getting to your seats. The convenience of canvas being machine washable makes this popular for the busy consumer.  Available in an array of fabric blends that vary in texture and durability, from classic canvas to duck weave and tweed.

    • Canvas – A combination of polyester and cotton makes this material soft, but durable and strong. Canvas gets treated to resist water and stains. The cotton blend is breathable and can be shaded in a variety of colors.
    • Duck Weave – Known for its strength, this combination of linen and cotton is super breathable. The higher and tighter thread count makes this material feel a lot smoother than regular canvas.
    • Tweed – When you crave style and performance, tweed steps up to the plate. Wool blended into cotton gives this material a soft and flexible finish that’s appealing to all five senses.

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Hawaiian Seat Covers

Throw on some sunglasses, some dad rock, and bask in the appealing floral appearance of Hawaiian seat covers. Match your sunny personality with a variety of colors and patterns available. These seat covers are great for the driver that bores at plain colors. Keep water away from your upholstery with an island-inspired look. Available in both neoprene and neosupreme materials described below.

    • Neoprene – A premium material made of synthetic rubber, neoprene is 100% waterproof. Surfers and divers recognize this material because their wetsuits use the same material to keep their bodies dry.
    • Neosupreme – Like neoprene, but budget friendly. Take neoprene and blend soft polyester together to get this super comfortable material. Although neoprene is blended in, it is not fully waterproof. But it is highly water resistant. .

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Leather Seat Covers

Ticking the option for leather seats can get costly quick. Reupholstering your vehicle’s seats can cost thousands as well. Get the look and feel of plush leather at a fraction of the cost with leather seat covers. Upgrade your interior to the high-end look and feel of leather without the high-end price of a factory leather package.

    • Genuine leather – Get the real thing and melt yourself in the luxury of real leather seat covers. Most seat covers come in three shades of leather: gray, black, and tan.
    • Leatherette – For those who prefer to stay away from leather, for cost of other reasons, faux leatherette is a fantastic alternative. Still carrying the same characteristics of genuine leather, but being synthetic, you have a variety of colors to choose from.

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Mesh Seat Covers

Mesh is loosely woven fabric that is known to be very light and very breathable. Think of your jerseys from grade school sports. Those were likely made of mesh as well.

    • Spacer mesh – Composed of durable layers of breathable mesh, this material keeps moisture out while keeping temperatures down. Pick from a wide selection of colors and patterns to suit your interior and cool down your backside.

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Neoprene Seat Covers

Neoprene is the material you need for the ultimate protection against water, coffee, and other liquids. Wear what the surfers wear and outfit your seats with neoprene seat covers. Pick between two kinds of neoprene between 100% neoprene and neoprene blends.

    • Neoprene – A popular in the aquatic life thanks to its very waterproof characteristic. The synthetic rubber material is soft, flexible, and cushiony. These seat covers fit your seats like a glove, similar to how wetsuits fit on your body.
    • Neosupreme – The water repellent benefits of neoprene blended with a budget friendly polyester. Although neoprene material is present, blending the polyester makes it water repellent, but not 100% water resistant.

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Pet Seat Covers

Designed to keep your pets safe and protect your upholstery from moisture, claws, slobber, and shedding. Your pets are your prized possessions. Keeping them safe while keeping you interior safe is a difficult task to pull off. Luckily, AutoAnything has what you need for your furry friends.

    • Polyester – Rugged and tear resistant. Strong enough to withstand digging and scratching. Polyester seat covers are easy to machine wash, and are water resistant.
    • PVC – Typically lined in a polyester cover, this hard protective shell ensures no accidents get through to your interior.

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Saddle Blanket Seat Covers

Give your interior a durable, Western-style upgrade. Grab your lasso and mount up into these western-style seat covers.

    • Saddle blanket saddle blanket seat covers are crafted with a tightly woven olefin fabric. This is a synthetic petroleum-based fiber that is soft, and strong while also remaining easy to clean.

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Sheepskin Seat Covers

Protect and insulate your upholstery, and enjoy the royal treatment with the warmth of plush and soft sheepskin seat covers. When covering your seats isn’t enough, these also help insulate your upholstery.

    • Sheepskin – Super strong, but super soft. Hollow wood fiber breathes well in the warm climate but keeps you warm and fuzzy in the colder temps. Sheepskin is also naturally bacteria and dirt resistant.

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Suede Seat Covers

There’s a reason Elvis rocked blue shoes in suede. It is smooth, stylish, and flexible. You have your choice of suede depending on your taste. Protect your interior with a smooth, modern look.

    • MicroSuede – A synthetic polyester fabric. This provides stain resistant surface that is also durable. The brushed fibers are flexible and super soft to the touch.
    • SuperSuede – A type of MicroSuede that is perforated for added breathability and a sporty look.

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Tactical Seat Covers

Add some durability and compatibility to your seat covers with a set of tactical seat covers. These come in durable materials, as well as lined with pocketing and slots for all your equipment. Great for all-out durability and equipped with enough compartments to keep all your supplies at-hand. Available in canvas or ballistic nylon.

    • Canvas – Soft but tough blend of polyester and cotton is durable and strong. Most are treated for water and stain resistance. When mission is accomplished, throw these in with the rest of your laundry for a machine wash refresh.
    • Ballistic nylon – The ultimate fight against stains and damage. This rugged fabric resists almost anything it faces. When paired with Cordura, gives off a denim-like finish.

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Universal Seat Covers

Whether you need the basic coverage, or you have the most unique and fancy car seats in the world, universal seat covers are there for you. Easy to install and remove, you’re covered in an instant. Great for easy-on, easy-off convenience for on-the-go protection. Available in canvas or towel fabrics.

    • Canvas – The sturdy polyester and cotton blend can resist stains and spills when properly treated. When the mess is over, toss them in the wash for easy cleaning.
    • Towel seat covers- Ultra soft covers provide the basic budget friendly protection. These are machine washable making these really convenient to own and operate.

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Velour Seat Covers

Even the word “velour” sounds luxurious and posh. Slide into these plush seat covers and give your interior a luxurious look and a comfortable feel with plush velour.

    • Velour – Ultra soft, ultra rich, ultra luscious, ultra smooth! Velour is as smooth as velvet, can be spot cleaned easily, and boast a durable strength.

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