The 2020 Complete Seat Covers Buying Guide

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One of the great on-the-road ironies is that while you’re sitting comfortably in your car seat, the seat itself is having to stand up to a tremendous amount of abuse. Dirty clothes, wet swimsuits, spilled drinks, kids snacking in the backseat, slobbering pets, seat friction and harsh sunlight all have the potential to ruin and wear out your great looking seats. And if something terrible has befallen your interior, a complete reupholster will cost you dearly.
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Garrett Davis
Garrett has something of a sickness when it comes to cars, working on everything from Jeeps, to sports cars, to over-engineered German nightmares. Currently he is embroiled in an Audi Allroad offroad project, and is slowly losing his grasp on sanity.


    • Hey Nigel,

      Wow, pretty awesome you have a Silver Shadow! Unfortunately we do not carry seat covers for those, and I couldn’t find too many options out there that are custom. I think your best bet would be universal seat covers if you just want to cover them up and protect them, or an upholstery shop if you need them recovered.

      Unfortunately there just isn’t much of a market for these cars anymore. Very cool you have one and are keeping the dream alive!


  1. I’m looking for covers to fit a gmc 1500 has a center console that does not move with that in mind I just want to cover the bucket seats

  2. Do you have anything that would help make the bolsters on bucket seats less pronounced? I drive a 2020 Forester but I have horrible shoulders from my time in the Army, flat cushions are a lot more comfortable.

    • Hey Ben,

      So I checked around and I couldn’t find really much of anything that we had to flatten out the back of the seat. Most seat covers have either uniform padding to keep the shape of the seat, or do the opposite of what you want and actually add bolstering. I’m going to shoot you an email right now with a few ideas that might help you out.

      Cheers, and thank you for your service!


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