September 2019 Featured Friday: Tony’s Quicksand TRD Tundra Build


The Story:

It all begin as a stock truck that I fell in love with because of the color, Quicksand. Coming from a 2008 Tundra I had no doubt of the legendary Toyota reliability and comfort but this color is straight up sexy and it got me. So I let go of my first love (my 08) and brought home my second love, my 2017 Quicksand CrewMax TRD Off Road 4×4.

Being a 4×4 truck I really had “no plans for mods”… well… that’s what I told my wife, but in reality I had big plans. Big plans lead to a lift kit with 35” mud tires and nice wheels to make my truck stand out. Then little by little it has become more of a money pit than intended, but it’s not done yet. This truck has conquered every challenge and obstacle I’ve thrown at it from black diamond trails to your local mall parking lot, and turns heads no matter what!

The Extras:

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