Steven’s Trail Ready, Tread Lightly, 2014 Tacoma Build


The Story:

“It started off as a very stock 2014 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road that I purchased after buying a house in 2016, I can never keep anything stock so it was only a matter of time before I started to do small things to it here and there. Then I came across the Lone Star Toyota Jamboree event which happened to be 45 minutes away from me, I went there in May of 2016 for the first time and that turned just a small hobby into a very large hobby where I now dedicate time to organizations to help preserve off-roading and outdoor recreation.

Since then I have become a Master Tread Trainer with Tread Lightly!, helped start the East Texas Toyota Owners Group which now has 230 Members and am now the presiding President, recently joined the Board of Directors for ArkLaTex Off-Road to help with Events and Volunteering, and finally was recently elected in May of 2019 to the Board of Directors for the Texas Motorized Trails Coalition as the Region 2 OHV Representative.

So you can say my truck started off as a small hobby that I liked to go camping or off-roading in, but has now opened up many doors and pushed me to help educate, conserve, and keep this hobby going for future generations.”

It should come as no surprise that I have a soft spot for Toyota’s being a Tacoma owner myself. Steven, your Taco is truly awesome! My favorite part has to be the ProRock 60, that’s not something you see everyday and one of those details you need to look for. Good on you for working with Tread Lightly!, volunteering, and working hard to bring the off-road community together. Enthusiasts like yourself are what make the off-road community what it is. Keep it up!

The Extras:

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