The Aries TrailCrusher Jeep Bumper Trades Plastic For Steel

Aries TrailCrusher bumper

6 bolts. 6 bolts is all it takes to rip off that ugly, fading, plastic bumper your Jeep came stock with. It’s almost like they knew everyone would be upgrading the bumpers anyway, so they made it just about as easy as possible to swap a new one on. That stock bumper is just fine for fending off rogue shopping carts at the mall, but where we’re going, boulders are a more pressing concern.Aries TrailCrusher rear bumper on Jeep JK

That’s where AutoAnything, Aries, and a whole bunch of steel comes in. You’re welcome.

OK, now that we’ve gotten rid of that hunk of plastic, let’s take a look at what you’re getting with the TrailCrusher (besides the badass name):

  • 3/16” steel with E-coat and carbide black powder coat, maximizing resistance to rust, moisture and abrasions
  • Winch mounts and shackles rated for 9,500lbs
  • Welded shackle mounts accept any 7/8 inch diameter pin
  • No drilling or pump relocation required
  • Strong, one-piece construction (brush guard is optional)
  • Bumpers are equipped with standard mounting holes, allowing them to accept most types of winches
  • Narrow width and high ground clearance promote the best approach angles
  • Front bumpers feature round center cutouts to house the OE fog lights, and come with all necessary hardware for a complete installation

Aries Trailcrusher front bumper on Jeep JK

The TrailCrusher’s design prioritizes maximum clearance and protection of the things that matter, while still giving you the utility you need. You can’t climb over a boulder if your front end is hitting it first, which is why this bumper was engineered to allow you to line up large obstacles with your tires and climb over without a scrape. If you do manage scrape a rock, don’t worry, powder coated steel is good at taking hits like that.

aries trailcrusher bumper with winchAlso, you can tuck away your factory fog lights into that otherwise wasted space between your frame rails. Between that and the built-in shackles, all you need to do is mount a winch and you’re ready hit the trails.

Check them out for yourself!


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