The Best Bull Bars for Trucks and SUVs


Superman aside, there’s something about a guy who runs around in tights and a red cape that just doesn’t inspire a whole lot of trust. After all, is that the guy you’d want watching your back with 2,800 pounds of muscle, horns and red eyes charging you with its nostrils flared? Probably not. Luckily, you have a good lawyer to keep your ex-wife at bay.

Sadly, a matador isn’t going to do you much good out on the trail either. But for that, the aftermarket industry stepped in and created bull bars. Though they have the added benefit of providing a serious, rugged look to your front end, bull bars were created for one reason alone: to protect your grille and front end. Similar to bumper guards, bull bars and grille guards protect those valuable front end components, making them an ideal coupling for those considering upgrading their front end with billet grilles.

To quickly overhaul the appearance of your ride, billet grilles are available in a variety of finishes, including smooth brushed, sleek black, and gleaming polished. They’re constructed of aluminum, stainless steel or ABS plastic, depending on the level of durability you’re after. Best of all, they mount directly over your existing grille without having to remove factory parts or drill additional holes. That’s because Toyota grilles, and those like them, are designed to each specific make, model and year, with upper grilles and bumper grilles available for most popular vehicles. This precision design guarantees a simple installation that usually goes from start to finish in about 30 minutes or less. It also ensures a perfect, straight-from-the-factory fit and high-quality, tough-looking appearance. And like bull bars, many billet grilles feature a black powder coating on the back for added protection against corrosion.

But whether you’ve permanently replaced your grille or just incorporated one of the temporary models, it can get costly to replace or repair it when rocks, tree branches and other damaging debris take a chunk out of it every time you head off road. Who needs the expense…or the worry?

Bull bars and other Dee Zee grille guards bolt directly onto your frame with almost no effort and absolutely no drilling required! They’re constructed of 3″ stainless-steel tubing and are sealed against the elements with a durable powder coating or polished finish. Crafted by time-trusted manufacturers for your specific make, model and year, bull bars – like Tundra grill guards and Tundra bull bars – typically feature a solid one-piece construction for extreme, long-lasting durability. Better still, many models come with pre-drilled holes for mounting fog lights or other aftermarket add-ons.

What’s more, many manufacturers also offer a matching set of tail light guards, safeguarding your rig from front to rear. Simple to install and easily affordable, peace of mind has never been so easy to attain!

Bull bars have remained one of the most popular Toyota mods because they save hundreds of dollar in repair costs. More importantly, they allow you to leave your worries behind when you head out on the trail. If you haven’t upgraded yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Bull Bars

Bull Bars



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