The Best Car/Office Accessories for Sales Reps


The life of a traveling sales rep isn’t easy – so much time spent away from loved ones, the cabin fever that’s bound to set in whether you spend hours in traffic or crossing endless, empty miles of highway. There are plenty of benefits, to be sure, and the returns are high – is there any better way to close a sale or sign a major client than in person?

Whether you get around in your own trusty vehicle or a plush company car, you deserve nothing but the best interior enhancements to ease your journey and give you the ultimate office-on-wheels experience. There’s a wide assortment of upgrades out there, and with your latest big sale you surely deserve it.

AutoExec Reach DeskMobile Desks

If you ever need to pull over to check your inbox, settle an account or compile some quick data, there’s nothing handier than a premium-quality, in-cabin mobile desk. Offering a stable, sturdy work surface for your laptop, notepad and other desktop devices, these car desks also feature compartments for filing and storing crucial documents. Some even boast outlets and USB ports to charge your electronics as you work. Handy counterbalancing buckles, non-slip pads and straps keep your materials secure.



CommuteMate Cell Phone Window Suction Cup MountMobile Electronic Holders

Odds are, when you conduct as much business on the road as you do, the inside of your car is probably a little cluttered. Finding space for your essentials can be a challenge and a potential safety hazard should one slip your grip while in traffic. Our selection includes cell phone and GPS holders that mount to your dash, in front of the air vents, on your windshield, and even some that hang at eye-level for your convenience. And with a cell phone organizer sitting in your cup holder, you’ll never have to scrounge for pens, pencils or toll coins again.




Backup Cameras

In your travels, you’re bound to come across parking lots designed with weird angles. Blind spots abound in crowded downtown areas and packed parking garages. Give yourself an advantage every time you put it in reverse by arming yourself with one of our many backup cameras and sensors. Some – like the Yada Dash Mount Backup Camera – boast night vision and weather-resistance capabilities for optimum safety at all times. Front and rear sensor systems make parallel parking a breeze, sending audible alerts the closer you get to an object. Invest today and keep your insurance rates low.



So wherever your job takes you – from the city streets, across the plains or to the airport – AutoAnything is proud to help make your trip even more comfortable and convenient than ever before.


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