The Best Car Seat Covers for Rideshare Drivers (2019)

Uber and Lyft Rideshare car preparation and tips

Driving for a rideshare service can be a reliable way to earn money as a part of the gig economy, especially in a big city. People always need to get from Point A to Point B. But every driver won’t be approved to drive for services like Uber and Lyft, and you can also get kicked off for having a low rating. 

Your car’s cleanliness is a big part of your score. Are you prepared to pass the test? 

Passengers expect a clean car during their ride. Torn seats and mystery stains aren’t going to cut it. If you want to be an Uber driver, you can protect your rating a lot by simply giving your interior a mini-make over. Investing in some of the best car seat covers for your make and model is a good place to start. 

Let’s dive into the impact of new car seat covers on your rideshare driving experience, and  discuss how to choose the best covers for your vehicle. 

Why Seat Covers Matter for Your Uber or Lyft Rating

Do seat covers for Uber and Lyft drivers really matter? Maybe more than you’d think. To understand why, it’s important to pay attention to the fine print in your contract. Specifically, a quick review of the rating system and consequences is in order. 

Let’s break it down. 

Uber: If you’re driving for Uber, you need to maintain an average rating of 4.6 or above. If your scores dip lower than that, the company will consider deactivating you as a driver. Of the things passengers are prompted to rate you on when they exit their ride, car cleanliness is one of them. Getting new, clean seat covers could be the difference between three stars and five stars. And that could make the difference between staying on the app or not. 

Lyft: For Lyft drivers, the expectations are reportedly even higher. Drivers with a rating at or below 4.7, are considered to need some improvement. When passengers get out of a Lyft, they’re not prompted to rate every individual element of their ride like they are with Uber. If your car is smelly or dirty — it could affect your entire score. The company recommends that drivers wash and vacuum their car once per week to keep it clean enough for Lyft standards. Imagine how much easier washable car seat covers make that process. 

Lyft and Uber driver ratings are reason enough to rethink your car seat strategy. If someone sits down and immediately smells something weird or feels cracker crumbs under their leg, the chances of them giving you five stars plummets pretty fast. 

Fabrics for Stain Resistance and Easy Cleaning 

Before you get your hands on a new set of car seat covers, you should investigate which materials are best for your needs as a rideshare driver. With people in and out of your ride all day long, keeping your seats stain-free and dry is probably the top priority. Here are some seat cover fabrics that do the job better than most.

Neoprene & NeoSupreme Seat Covers

Coverking Neoprene seat cover swatch

Neoprene is the same material used to make wetsuits. That should give you some idea at how well they stand up to water and other spills. If the material can handle the depths of the ocean, it can definitely tackle a spilled diet coke here and there. NeoSupreme is the cost-effective alternative to neoprene, offering a little less water resistant but more flexibility and a lower price tag – potentially a good option if you foresee replacing those car seat covers at regular intervals. 

Both fabrics are also easy to spot clean, and synthetic NeoSupreme can be thrown in the wash. It fits taut, looks great, and won’t leave you swimming in stains. Neoprene & NeoSupreme seat covers have all the great benefits for a rideshare driver. 

Canvas Seat Covers

Coverking PolyCotton Canvas seat cover swatch
Canvas is often used for tents and boat sails, so it’s super durable. With so many strangers bouncing in and out of your backseat, you need to be prepared for anything. Spiky purses, jean pocket rhinestones, and messy drunk people — all of these things could rip or puncture a thin seat cover. With canvas seat covers, you don’t have to worry that your seat covers will wind up shredded. 

Canvas is often used for tents and boat sails, so it’s super durable. With so many strangers bouncing in and out of your backseat, you need to be prepared for anything. Spiky purses, jean pocket rhinestones, and messy drunk people — all of these things could rip or puncture a thin seat cover. With canvas seat covers, you don’t have to worry that your seat covers will wind up shredded. 

Vinyl Seat Covers

Coverking Rhinohide Seat Covers
Vinyl seat covers are another good choice for highly trafficked cars. The synthetic material is not only easy to spot clean and very durable, but many options are UV resistant. That means they won’t fade so fast in the sun and stay looking brand new. What’s more, the feeling and look of these is highly versatile, so you custom your interior to get the exact look and feel you’re going for. For a rideshare driver looking to impress his/her passengers, you’ll be happy you invested in a fabric that can withstand daily trips under a hot sun. 

Suede Seat Covers

Coverking Ultisuede Leatherette Seat Covers
Suede isn’t just for blue shoes anymore. It can also turn your regular backseat into a luxurious space that lets passengers relax. It will definitely earn you some points on the comfort scale – here we come Uber Black. Even better, most car seats are available in microsuede, which is fairly easy to spot clean and won’t fade in the sun. You’ll even be proud of these suede car seat covers when you’re not on the clock. 

While these three fabrics are some of our favorites, we wouldn’t rule out a few alternatives. A nice leatherette, for instance, mimics the look of real leather while being much easier to clean. Your passengers and friends will be none the wiser that they aren’t, in fact, sitting on leather seat covers. And a sheepskin cover in colder climates will keep your passengers cozy while also resisting stains and protecting your original seats. 

Best Seat Covers for Luxury (Uber Black) Rides

If you’re driving for Uber Black or another high-end rideshare service, you must be extra careful about the quality of your car’s interior. Passengers pay more for Uber Black and other luxury pick ups because they expect a certain level of comfort, cleanliness, and an overall upgraded experience. Leatherette or real leather seat covers may be your best bet.

Whether you need car seat covers in a full set or just a few bucket seat covers to cover your well worn front seats, we have a few favorites to recommend. 

Coverking Genuine Leather Seat Covers

Genuine Leather Custom Seat Covers

Regular Price: $499.99

Color Options: Beige, Black, Grey

This synthetic leather car seat cover is made from a combination of real leather and a military-grade polyester and cotton blend, so you know it will last. The smooth surface and sleek stitching offer the perfect five-star experience. The seat covers are designed using 3-D imaging technology so they fit like they’re a part of your car’s original interior. Passengers will never guess that they’re not on the car’s original leather.

AutoAnything SELECT Leatherette Seat Covers

AutoAnything SELECT Leatherette Seat Covers

Original Price: $199.99/pair

Color Options: Black with Black, Blue, Red, or Silver stitching, Charcoal with Silver stitching, Sand with Sand stitching.

These AutoAnything seat covers fit perfectly over bucket seats. When your backseat looks great but the front seats have seen better days, this is an affordable way to update the look and cleanliness of the front row. The faux leather has a padded backing for added comfort. Your passengers will appreciate the seat’s snug fit that never slides or pulls when they’re getting in and out of the car – and you’ll appreciate that the upholstery underneath is free of the marks left by slipping seat covers.

Covercraft Precision Fit Leatherette Seat Covers

Covercraft Precision Fit Leatherette Seat Covers

Original Price: $478.99 – $592.99 /row

Color Options: Black, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Stone

These seat covers have it all: the smooth feel of real leather made of an animal-friendly synthetic, rear storage pockets where you can leave complimentary snacks, and a perfect fit that looks like original seating. Customers who pay more for a luxury ride won’t be complaining when they sit down on these custom fit covers. In fact, they’ll be saying quite the opposite. These also cover head rests, arm rests, and consoles for complete coverage. 

Perfect Seat Covers for SUV and Truck Rideshares

If you’re driving an SUV or truck rideshare, you might have unique needs. Your passengers could show up with a surfboard, straight from the beach, or you could get called to pick up a bunch of sweaty guys who just played three games of basketball. Joy. Water resistance is your friend, friend. Here are some of our favorite seat covers for larger vehicles that often get called out to pick up big groups. 

Saddleman Neoprene Seat Covers

Saddleman Neoprene Seat Covers

Original Price: $249.99

Color Options: Black, Blue/Black, Grey/Black, Red/Black, Tan/Black

These tight fitting real neoprene seat covers will deflect any stain or spill. Pick up a family with three kids carrying slushies — live a little! Your great attitude about them dripping blue raspberry ice down your seats will probably earn you a big tip. The covers are also machine washable and made to order for a totally custom fit. That makes them a great choice even for oversized truck seats that can be difficult to buy covers for. 

Coverking Cordura Ballistic Seat Covers

Coverking Cordura Ballistic Seat Covers

Original Price: $169.99

Color Options: Black, Cashmere, Charcoal, Grey, Tan

If you’re driving in the middle of winter in Chicago or Minneapolis, you’re in snow and salt season. People’s shoes and clothes will drag in all sorts of slush and muck, and the salt that lines the streets. On the other hand, driving around in the desert can also bring in tons of sand and sweat. Either way, these canvas covers will protect your truck or SUV from whatever travels inside. The canvas is especially great for covering large seats because it’s CAD designed and custom cut for your vehicle — it always fits like a glove. 

Universal Car Seat Covers Great for Airport Runs

People going to and from the airport are stressed and often in a hurry. Either they just landed late after a four-hour flight and want to angry tweet their airline from the backseat, or they’re on their way to the airport in a hurry. Nervous fliers can translate to grumpy Lyft passengers. You want to provide as much comfort as possible to improve the dynamic in the car and earn an extra star rating. Here are some custom and universal car seat covers that are great for doing frequent airport runs.

AutoAnything SELECT Universal Fit Leatherette Seat Covers

AutoAnything SELECT Universal Fit Leatherette Seat Covers

Original Price: $59.99/kit

Color Options: Black, Beige, Grey

The extra padding makes the seats super comfortable for your passengers, and the universal fit will secure on most seats. The kit even has covers for your headrests, for added comfort and cleanliness. Even better, these are fade-resistant — your many hours waiting in direct sunlight in the cell phone lot to accept a ride won’t show. If you’re on a budget, you can’t beat this full set of universal car seat covers. 

Saddleman Microsuede Seat Covers

Saddleman Microsuede Seat Covers

Original Price: $179.99

Color Options: Black, Grey, Tan

The soft feel of microsuede can calm even the most anxious of travelers. The made-to-order covers are smooth and durable, so they never feel scratchy on anyone’s skin. If you have someone in the backseat who just realized they forgot their phone charger at home, the buttery feel of microsuede will soften the blow and soothe them away from a tantrum (well, we hope). The covers are made to be machine washed, so your passengers will always step into a ride that smells fresh and feels good. 

Bonus: if you throw one of our seat back protectors on your front seats, you can leave water or maps in the pockets for your arriving passengers’ convenience. Who’s above pandering for five stars? Not you!

Providing the perfect ride protects you and your passengers. With our range of the best custom and universal fit car seat covers, you get to maintain a clean vehicle. That’s vital whether you own or lease the car. And it helps you increase your chances of a positive rating because your passengers get to feel fancy for a few minutes and enjoy their ride. It’s a win-win. 

What we’re saying is, when it comes to selecting the best seat covers for Uber and Lyft drivers, it’s all about the feel and fit and ability to clean. 

Still have questions? Reach out to AutoAnything today. We’re happy to assist rideshare drivers with finding the perfect seat covers for your car, truck, or SUV. When you buy your new seat covers from us, you’re also covered by our price match guarantee. If you find the same product cheaper somewhere else within a year, we’ll always beat it. We want to earn five stars from you so you can earn five stars from your passengers (and earn that money).


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