Tonno Pro UltraFold: Enough Storage to Make Tony Soprano Jealous

Tonno Pro UltraFold Tonneau Cover

I’m just gonna say it, Tony Soprano would be jealous of the amount of secure storage space this new UltraFold tonneau cover gives you — not that we’re asking how you’re planning on using it. But hey, let’s just keep this conversation between you and me, capiche?

TonnoPro UltraFold side view closedSo let’s say your uh, “associate,” approaches you with some “cargo” to transport out to the middle of the desert at 2:30 in the morning (we’ve all been there). This cover was designed to install in under ten minutes, is built with strong aluminum panels for strength and security, and locks with your tailgate. What more could Paulie, er, I mean your “associate” ask for?

TonnoPro UltraFold open buckle latchedThe Tonno Pro’s design easily folds back for quick access to the bed when you need it, then has built in seals to keep out dust and moisture when closed. Plus, the cover is super low profile on the bed, and the parts that need it have been powder coated for extra protection and a slick look — you know, in case anyone decides to start snooping around.

Oh, and as a gift from our family, AutoAnything has an exclusive $50 off through June, 2019. This is already one of the best deals in the category, so get in on this while you can!

TonnoPro UltraFold open F-150



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