The 10 Best Toyota Tundra Mods and Upgrades


With or without a bunch of Toyota Tundra upgrades, your truck should slide across asphalt like a confident figure skater – and look damn good doin’ it. Now, we’re not saying that you need every one of the Tundra mods on this list to get the job done. But we’re not saying that you don’t. After all, if you had a shortcut to get the most powerful, efficient and sleek looking version of your truck, you’d take it, right?

These Toyota Tundra modifications will take you from stock to smokin’. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for 1st gen Tundra mods or have a later model. Better yet, most of these mods, upgrades and aftermarket accessories are a breeze to install. Some are even as simple as throwing down some new precision-cut floor mats and calling it a day, knowing you just upgraded your cab into a luxe environment that protects your resale value. 

So, let’s get into shall we?

Top 10 Toyota Tundra Mods & Upgrades

1. Toyota Tundra Tonneau Covers

Let’s kick it off with one of the best Tundra accessories out there – the custom-cut tonneau cover. Underneath that sleek truck bed cover is still your Toyota Tundra, just modified to protect your payload from rain, wind, dust, snow and, most importantly, prying eyes. Conceal, hide, protect. No matter how you describe its job, you need a tonneau cover that was made just for your truck.

Pick a soft, roll-up cover for entry-level protection or turn your truck bed a fortress with a hardtop, multi-lock tonneau cover that sits flush along the rails. The choice is yours.


2. Toyota Tundra Nerf Bars & Running Boards

Some of your Tundra mods may be just for show while others are all about the power under the hood. This is both. Well, nerf bars won’t increase your Tundra’s horsepower, but they are as good looking as they are functional. That’s what we mean. 

Give yourself a leg up and gain some serious style points with these Tundra accessories, a best-seller for a good reason. Our Toyota nerf bars and running boards run the gamut of circular, oval, wheel to wheel, floating step, chrome, powdered black and more. So, don’t worry, you’ll find the style and finish to match those other Tundra upgrades you’re making.


Airaid Intake System

3. Toyota Tundra Air Intake Systems

You don’t buy a race car to go the speed limit, so why are you holding back your truck with those stock parts? The best Tundra upgrades will unleash your engine’s true potential. And an air intake system tailored toward your make, model and year will do just that. 


4. Toyota Tundra Exhaust Systems

If you think trucks should be seen and heard, this Toyota Tundra modification is calling your name. Give your rig the grumble and growling power it needs to dominate the armada of econo-box wimps littering the roadways with a Toyota Tundra exhaust system.

Break eardrums or find something that will keep you and your neighbors on talking terms. With our wide selection of complete exhaust systems and exhaust accessories, you’ll find just what you need to finish your Tundra mods with a smile.


5. Toyota Tundra Floor Mats

We said not all Toyota Tundra upgrades had to be difficult, and we were telling the truth. Nothing ruins your truck quicker than caked on dirt or an oil spill from last week’s run to the jobsite. Rather than waiting until the mess has been made to buy some floor mats, why not be proactive and find something that fits the rigors and daily demands you have of your truck?

Carpet keeps it luxe and factory-feeling while honey-combed rubber is rugged and will be the ultimate barrier between your floor and, well, everything. But we have plenty of styles in between, too. If you’re looking for the best Tundra accessories that will keep your cabin clean, make tidying up easier than ever and preserve your resale value, you’re in the right place.


6. Toyota Tundra Seat Covers

Elevate your interior with some seat covers that look and feel like they were made for your Toyota Tundra. Because they were. Getting new, custom seat covers is one of the best Tundra upgrades when it comes to bang for your buck. They are affordable, easy to install, and immediately noticeable. 

Like your floor mats, seat covers can be tailored to your needs. Leather is unmistakably high-end, canvas won’t tear under pressure and neoprene can repel buckets of water without letting a drop touch your seats. And, regardless of material, they all come in enough colorways to fit your style.


7. Toyota Tundra Suspension Systems

Drop it low or bring it up slow—this Toyota Tundra modification is just fun. Whatever you want your suspension system to do, you can find the right kit at AutoAnything. Lifting, lowering, leveling – we have all the highest quality brands of aftermarket suspension systems to make sure your rig is rolling just right.

Whether you are a front-yard mechanic or have a handy best friend, these kits are made with easy installation in mind and include everything you need to upgrade your Tundra’s suspension in one fell swoop.


Westin Ultimate Bull Bar With Skid Plate8. Toyota Tundra Grille Guards & Bull Bars

Guard your front end from anything the backcountry can dish out and give your truck a menacing look with Toyota Tundra grille guard. Small rocks, brambles, stray shopping carts and even the car in front of you that decided to back-up at a stop light don’t stand a chance with this Tundra upgrade. 

Pick from a wide array of styles, finishes and coverage to find the grille guard or bull bars that fits you and your truck’s personality best. It doesn’t matter which one you go with – they’ll all be made specifically for your rig.


9. Toyota Tundra Wind & Bug Deflectors

How’s your windshield holding up after a few of those long night drives? If it’s a minefield of squashed bugs that met their impending doom as your Tundra charged down the highway, it’s time to stop washing your windows and start shopping for a new bug deflectors.

But wait, there’s more. When you add hood and window deflectors to your Toyota Tundra mods list, you’ll be saving yourself from bugs, small rocks, rain and more. And, you’ll bump up the aerodynamics of your truck.


10. Toyota Tundra Fender Flares & Trim

Bolster the sides of your burly ride for off-road battle with Toyota Tundra fender flares. If you live for finding forgotten places each weekend – and don’t want your truck looking worse for wear when you get back on Monday morning – decking it out in high-quality flares and trim is a must.

These are some of the best Tundra mods for our off-road drivers and can really amp up your ride’s curb appeal, too.


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