Top 10 Wheels for Toyota Tundra


Your rims say a lot about your Tundra – they’re a statement piece that must be fused with style and functionality. That’s why we compiled a list of our top 10 wheels for Tundra drivers. In this list, you’ll find 10 rims that score a perfect 10 out of 10 in looks and performance regardless of the rugged roads or slick city streets they might encounter. If you drive a Toyota Tundra from 2003-2006, your bolt pattern is 6 x 139.7mm or 6 x 5.5”. For Tundras from 2007-present, your bolt pattern measures 5 x 150mm or 5 x 5.9” – and all of the wheels below match these fitment requirements. Read along and find the perfect one for your specific Tundra.

Black Rhino Sierra Truck Wheels


If you enjoy driving over rocky roads and all types of rough terrain, then the 8-spoke Black Rhino Sierra Wheels are for you. Crafted for both pavement and off-road performance, this is a favorite style for Tundra owners and comes in a shiny, gloss black finish. Available in a 6 x 139.70mm single bolt pattern for Tundras from 2003 to 2006, these Sierra Wheels are made from hardened aluminum alloy to endure tough paths so if you’re constantly loading or carrying items through dirt roads, these wheels are sure to last the long haul.


Enkei Wheels on Toyota Tundra


Enkei ST6 Wheels cater to minimalists who enjoy a simple yet stylish design. This 6-spoke rim lets you get the best of both worlds when it comes to style and functionality, and you can also get a personalized look thanks to the variety of finishes offered. Available in both a 6 x 139.70mm single bolt pattern and a 5 x 150mm single bolt pattern – perfect for your Toyota Tundra – Enkei truck and SUV wheels are solidly built from one-piece aluminum to last through time. They offer a combination of durability and strength with a lightweight feel that lets you speed up when you need to, while avoiding lag.


Fuel Assault Rims


Stylish and sleek, Fuel Assault Wheels are complete showstoppers, and if you enjoy getting all of the attention, these will go great with your Tundra. They feature a deep, concave style that makes any Tundra stand out. Offered in a 6 x 135mm dual bolt pattern and a 5 x 150mm single bolt pattern, each Assault rim claims to have the toughness of your Toyota. Made from one-piece aluminum, these wheels are durable and lightweight where it counts. If you’re always after aggressive looks that enhance your truck, this 8-spoke rim is your match.


Fuel Vapor Rims


Seriously bold, Fuel Vapor Wheels aren’t playing around. If you enjoy unleashing your Tundra beast from time to time, Fuel Vapor rims are the match made in heaven for your Toyota. Each one’s distinctive 12-spoke design makes this wheel an extremely unique one, while its lip accents add even more style to your truck. You can choose from a variety of sizes including your Tundra’s 6 x 135mm dual bolt pattern, a 5 x 150mm dual bolt pattern or a 5 x 150mm single bolt pattern. Forged from aluminum, this wheel is characteristically light yet durable enough to play rough on any terrain – a great addition to your Tundra if you enjoy both speed and off-road adventures.


Method Grid Rims


If you love a good split-spoke style on your wheel, Method Grid Rims have you covered. With a 6-spoke design and the finish of your choice, you and your Tundra will be unstoppable in a set of these. Offering a 6 x 139.70mm single bolt pattern and a 5 x 150mm single bolt pattern, the Method Grid Rim has a distinctive look that gives your Tundra a bold expression. Its unique style offers zinc-plated bolts that stud the lip. While this detailed wheel offers stylish elements all around its face and lip, Method Grid Wheels keep their rugged appearance and perform just as well as their counterparts thanks to a durable, aluminum alloy construction.


Pro Comp Alloy Wheels


Pro Comp 31 Wheels feature a split-spoke design and low-pressure casting for unmatched strength. Their aluminum alloy construction reduces weight, making it a perfect combo for your Tundra if speed is at the top of your priority list. You can pick from a 6 x 139.70mm single bolt pattern or a 5 x 150mm single bolt pattern. This 8-spoke wheel provides aggressive, off-road looks and a machined-accent style, all of which complement your Toyota. Not to mention, Pro Comp Series 31 Wheels also offer high-offset brake clearance – a great feature for a performance truck like your Tundra.


RBP 94R Chrome and Black Wheels


RBP knows the off-road game all too well and their wheels never disappoint. The same is true for RBP 94R Chrome & Black Wheels. Giving a contrasting look to your tires, these two-tone rims take style to a new level by featuring a chrome finish with glossy black spoke inserts. Available for Tundras from 2007 to now, these wheels are offered in a 5 x 150mm single bolt pattern. If you use your Tundra for just about everything, these 8-spoke, off-road-approved wheels give you the freedom to enjoy both the rugged terrain and the carpool lane thanks to their durable, lightweight aluminum construction and 3,200-lb load rating per wheel.


RBP Glock Wheels


If you’re driving a Tundra, durability and strength are exactly what you look for in a wheel. Designed to stand out, RBP Glock Wheels are made for high performance on or off-road. Their distinctive split, 10-spoke style can be appreciated in a gloss black or chrome finish. Offered in a 5 x 150mm single bolt pattern for Toyota Tundras from 2007 to now, you can rest assured RBP Glock Wheels stand through time. This Glock Wheel is forged from cast aluminum alloy, making it light enough to breeze across pavement, but strong on the rocky trails.


Vision Warrior Wheels


With a name like Warrior Wheels it’s no coincidence the Vision 375 Rims showcase an aggressive look. Their stepped lip gives them a rugged style, while their sturdy construction makes these wheels a go for both streets and off-road terrains. Available in a 5 x 150mm single bolt pattern and a 6 x 139.70mm single bolt pattern, this 8-spoke rim is more than just looks, providing the strength you need on a truck like a Tundra.


Vision Fury Wheels


The aluminum alloy Vision 399 Fury Wheels give you a stylish design with 7, split, accented spokes in contrasting finishes. Delivering an intense and rough look to complement off-road trucks, these wheels give you the fusion you need if you constantly switch between smooth concrete and rough trails. Offered in a 5 x 150mm single bolt pattern and a 6 x 139.70mm single bolt pattern, you can find a size to match your specific Tundra even if you’ve lifted your truck or have oversized tires. Plus, their durable yet lightweight build helps you avoid changing wheels back and forth when your journey includes a dirt road.


There you have it – our top 10 wheel picks for your Toyota Tundra! Pick the one that matches your hobbies and lifestyle and hit the road.

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