Top 5 Features of Hinged Truck Bed Covers

Undercover Elite LX Ford F-150 Red

Now that you’ve found the perfect pickup, your next order of business should be securing proper truck bed protection. After all the time and money you spent on that eye-catching exterior, a run-of-the-mill tonneau just won’t do. Hinged tonneau covers take truck bed defense up a notch with from-the-factory looks and function that simply can’t be beat. 


Thanks to advanced shock technology, hinged covers are easy to open and close. While you can access your entire truck bed with the flick of your wrist, the hinged design does keep you from hauling extra-large loads on the fly. Luckily, hinged tonneaus are also designed with quick-release hardware to make removal of the entire cover a simple task.Enter your text here...

UnderCover Elite LX Tonneau Cover
UnderCover Elite LX Tonneau Cover


Some hinged tonneaus offer a level of customization that’s simply impossible for other covers to compete with. The only type of tonneau that can be paint-matched to the factory color of your truck’s exterior, hinged covers deliver a serious upgrade in style & security – minus the expensive dealership price tag. Hinged covers can boast a unique look with styled ribs, soft corners, contoured edges and a subtle spoiler.


While tonneau covers are great for protecting what’s inside you truck bed, most have limitations on what they can support up top. Not the case when it comes to certain heavy-duty hinged covers (shown). Constructed from top-quality materials like super-strong diamond plate aluminum with additional supports, these covers have a load capacity of 400 lbs or more!

DiamondBack HD Truck Bed Cover
Undercover hinged tonneau cover weather sealed


The over-the tailgate design of most hinged covers is unique in that it provides you with a separate locking mechanism for added security. On top of that, these covers sit over the rail and flush with the side of your truck keeping your truck bed completely weather-tight against rain, sleet and snow.


While traditionally constructed of fiberglass, hinged tonneau covers now come in a variety of new materials. Whether you want the classy look of fiberglass, the lightweight maneuverability of canvas and vinyl (shown) or the heavy-duty hauling capacity of aluminum, hinged truck bed covers have something for everyone.

Extang FullTilt Tonneau Cover


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