Top 5 Ram Truck Upgrades in 2021

Great view of those Spyder headlights.

Your Ram isn’t just a truck, it’s a platform to build on and make your own. Whether you’re using it for getting work done, towing, or it’s the weekend warrior machine, you have choices at your disposal to get things done your way and to build your Ram to fit your needs specifically. It’s all about getting more utility, protection, and quality of life out of your investment.

Ram Truck Upgrades

I decided to take a look at what our Ram customers were running on their trucks to compile a short list of the most popular Dodge Ram upgrades, and a few cool standout products that should be on any truck owners list. Getting the most out of your truck is the name of the game, and we’re here to help you get it right the first time.

Get up off the Ground With a Truck Bed Tent

It can be a real struggle to find a decent spot to set up your tent in a spot that is halfway comfortable. Between the uneven ground, all the rocks and sticks, and god help you if it starts raining hard. Well for truck owners, that doesn’t really have to be a concern. Companies like Napier and ProZ make Dodge Ram truck bed tents from Napiereasy to set up tents that take advantage of all that room you have in your truck bed to give you a clean, dry, and consistent place to set up your tent.

Pair one of these with a truck bed mattress and it almost feels like cheating. Camping isn’t supposed to be this comfortable, right? Bah, we say who cares. Do what makes getting out and having an adventure work for you. Our truck bed mattresses are shaped to fit your truck bed and work around the wheel wells for full bed coverage. Oh, and you can use them outside of the truck too with a set of option wheel well inserts, turning it into a full width air mattress.

Get Your Bed Lined or Even Carpeted

Not everyone wants to sign up for the permanence of a spray-in bed liner — let alone how rough they can be on your knees if you’re crawling around back there. The alternative is a removable liner like from BedRug — full bed BedRug Bed Liner Dodge Ramcoverage that is durable, and with the aid of a tonneau cover or a shell, can essentially turn your Ram truck bed into a big carpeted trunk.

For a tougher option, you can go for the BedTred, which fits in the bed the same way, but features a tough, textured rubber finish that looks more like a traditional bed liner, but without the drawbacks. Giving you even more options still, you can try out a bed mat that just covers the flat bottom of the bed while leaving the sides and wheel wells factory open.

Looking for Something New in the Wheels Department?

One downside to the popularity of the Ram is that you have a fair chance of seeing an identical truck out on the road at some point, right down to those nice (but conservative) stock wheels. A new set of wheels instead can do a Dodge Ram Method wheelslot towards making your truck really look your own, and help make sure you aren’t yanking on the handle of an identical truck, wondering why your key isn’t working.

Looking to throw a lift on there with some bigger tires? A good set of alloy wheels from a brand like Method, Fuel, Black Rhino, or Icon can tie together the look you’re going for, while maintaining better than OEM strength in a lighter package. These aren’t light trucks, all the help we can get the better!

What’s the Breakdown on Your Brakes?

Adding a lift, big tires, heavy bumpers, a winch, plus your family and all your gear in the back? Are your factory brakes up to handling all that? Especially if you are hauling or towing big loads, a brake upgrade might be worth it for peace of mind alone. No one wants to make it to the bottom of a Power Stop Z36 truck and tow pads for Ramsteep hill only to find your brakes faded to nothing, and are unable to stop you.

Instead, check out top brands like EBC, Stoptech, and Power Stop for the right set of pads and rotors that you can rely upon to not fade, even when towing a trailer down a steep hill. Check out Power Stop’s Z36 Truck and Tow kits, for a solid Dodge Ram upgrade in terms of braking power and heat resistance. The step up your game even further, EBC’s brake kits with Yellow Stuff pads are rated for extreme heat resistance while still maintaining good road manners.

Bonus Round: Get More Versatility From Your Truck Bed With a Retractable Tonneau Cover:

With space in your Ram’s truck bed being fought over by any number of accessories, it’s a good idea to have a good tonneau cover that gives you the security you need along with the versatility of being able to get it out of the way when you need the room. That’s why a cover like this tough-as-nails Pace Edwards Bedlocker tonneau covercoverage of covers like the Pace Edwards Switchblade are worth their weight in gold. With versatile bed access and total theft protection, you can’t go wrong.

The Switchblade features a super low profile fit, sitting flush with your bed rails, completely custom designed to fit your make/model pickup specifically. The cover itself is made with tough aluminum panels and finished in a padded polymer making for cover that looks as good as it is functional. Plus, the cover is easy to open and close single-handedly with the built-in full length pull strap — what more could you want in a cover?

With this list you should be off to a good start customizing your Dodge Ram and getting more and more out of the truck you spend so much time in. Have anything you think should have made the list? Throw it in a comment below!


  1. tuner for the 2019 ram 3500 turbo diesel 6.7 with the 1000ft. lbs. of torque Along with tires and wheels that are bigger and wider for that badass look better performance and suspension ,level kit or lift kit that won’t compromise the towing capacity or void the warranty or interfere with the self leveling bed capability. Most all of the upgrades I see are only for 1500 or occasionally 2500.

    • Hey Bern,

      Hmm, you’re right, I’m not seeing any options as far as a tuner yet for the 2019 3500. For a leveling kit, I would recommend the Icon leveling kit:

      This won’t void your warranty, and the rear leveling will not be effected. How big of tires are you looking to run? We have a pretty wide selection of wheels available as well, is yours a dually?



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