Top 5 Seat Covers For The Holidays 2019

Family holiday season road trip seat covers

For better or for worse, the holiday season usually comes with a lot of travel. That probably means a lot of time with the whole family packed into the car, which means more wear and tear on your seats, and more chance for a spill. Last year I didn’t realize a pie I was bringing over to my family get together was leaking onto my seat for the entire 2-hour drive. Just enough time for the stain to dry and set in. Wonderful.

No matter your holiday plans, it’s never a bad time to cover up your seats and start protection your resale value — or reviving an interior that has seen better days. This is also gift season as well, so you can set yourself up for a Pimp My Ride style reveal of your spouses new leather seats, minus an appearance by Xzibit that is.

So let’s get into the top 5 best seat covers for the holiday season, whether that be for you to give yourself a little present or someone else, starting with our number one pick:

Coverking Ultisuede Leatherette Seat Covers:

Coverking Ultisuede seat coversStarting off this list with a way to not only protect your seats, but also make your interior feel a little more upscale and comfortable while you’re at it. With a combination of high quality leatherette and soft suede-like center inserts for a look and feel normally found only in high end German sports cars and exotics. However, unlike the Alcantara that this material is mimicking, this polyester and polyurethane blend won’t wear out and get that smooth shine to it after years of use.

Both fabrics seen here are stain resistant and washable, and the covers are custom designed for you specific year make and model vehicle. Another plus from any Coverking seat cover is that their products feature in-seat air bag breakaway sections in order to work with factory safety equipment, and feature map pockets in the back (not all manufacturers do).

Neoprene Seat Covers or Neosupreme Seat Covers:

Neoprene and neosupreme seat covers are one of the most popular options for active people who want the soft comfort and waterproof protection that neoprene can provide, and adding a splash of color is just icing on the cake. Neoprene seat covers are made the same material as wet suits, making them water resistant. They’re also UV protected, keeping your interior safe while staying fresh looking for years in direct sunlight.

Coverking Neoprene Seat CoversWith how stretchy a material neoprene is, they hug your seat’s contours better than almost any other material out there, making it look like your car rolled off the factory line ready for a surf’s up lifestyle. By using the same material as the wetsuit you have hanging out to dry, you’re giving your seats all the same benefits for water, UV, and mildew resistance. This fights off spills, stains, and makes it so you don’t have to worry so much about ruining your car’s resale value every time you climb in and out of your car.

For a more affordable option with a similar look and feel, a set of Seat Designs Neosupreme seat covers might just be your best bet. Neosupreme is a blend of polyester and neoprene, and offers many of the same benefits as neoprene, but at a more affordable price. It’s extremely water resistant but not 100% waterproof like genuine neoprene.

Carhartt Canvas Seat Covers:

Carhartt truck seat covers

Whether you’re looking for dog car seat covers or something else to protect your interior from children or the demands often placed on a heavily-trafficked work vehicle, Carhartt’s duckweave canvas is UV fade-resistant and blocks stains. Designed and manufactured by Covercraft, these covers take that protection to the next level by providing an impenetrable layer of defense that stops spills from leaking through and actually resists pet hair from accumulating. Additionally, canvas is known for maintaining an even temperature, perfect for avoiding hot seats in the summer and cold ones in the winter.

Because canvas is such a tough material and do not stretch, these generally sit a little more loose on your seats. This means they are easy to pull on and off, but especially ballistic canvas seat covers prioritize maximum protection and toughness over looking like a factory option. The plus of this is you can throw them on when you need them, and then easily pull them off to enjoy a stock feel while you toss them in the washer and dryer without a care.

Saddleman Surefit Camo Seat Covers:

Saddleman TrueTimber Camo Seat CoversFor the hunter in the family, there really is no such thing as too much camo, is there? Manufactured with tough ballistic canvas, these covers are just as tough you’d expect from a brand hunters trust. So go ahead and toss your gear down on them, the high thread count means top tier abrasion and puncture resistance, and they’re completely machine washable.

Saddleman makes these custom for your exact year, make, and model right here in the USA to ensure a perfect fit. And don’t worry, your arm rests, head rests, and center consoles are covered too. All this covered by a 1-year warranty.

AutoAnything Select Leatherette Seat Covers:

AutoAnything SELECT Leatherette Seat CoversOK, let’s and this list with a little more luxury. For the price, it’s really tough to beat these in terms of quality of material, fit, and finish. With a variety of different fabric and stitching colors to choose from and your choice of diamond or plain perforated insert, you have a lot of options as far as customizing the look of your interior to make it really yours.

Installation is as easy as it gets for anything other than universal seat covers, installing in just 15 minutes per row with elastic loops, hooks, and Velcro. The soft padded material does a great job of matching the contours of the your seat for a nice look as well as added comfort. The material is breathable while remaining stain and water resistant, meaning your seats will stay as fresh as the day you covered them up.

Common Seat Cover Questions Answered:

How do I clean my seat covers?

Saddleman Windsor Seat CoversThe reality is there isn’t just one answer to this. Our seat covers are crafted from a wide range of materials, and there are a few ways you can go about cleaning them depending. For everyday maintenance, you will want to vacuum you seat covers regularly to pick up any dry spills or tracked-in dirt. To keep your sheepskin seat covers looking funky fresh and fluffy, You might need to give them the occasional brushing. Many fabrics are machine washable, too. These include: Cotton Canvas Seat Covers, SeatSaver Seat Covers, neoprene and neosupreme covers, Canine Covers, and sport mesh seat covers. Oh and with neoprene, because the Custom Wet Okole Seat Covers are fully waterproof, you can wash them without even taking them off your seat.

When in doubt, check your seat cover manufacturer’s website or give us a call and we’ll point you in the right direction.

How hard is it to install seat covers?

The majority of seat covers that we carry just slide over your seats and are held in place with Velcro, hooks or straps that attach out of sight under the seat. In most cases you won’t need any tools to install them, but some seat covers (notably some Coverking seat covers) do come with install kits to help the process along. Front seat covers generally tend to be easier to put on than rear seat covers because front seats are more accessible from all sides. Typical installation time on front seat covers is 20-30 minutes. Rear seat in a car may require removal of the seats to install the seat covers. Don’t worry, detailed instructions will be included from the manufacturer.

Custom seat covers or semi-custom? Which would be best for me?

Fia OE seat coversOne analogy we like to use around here is to compare a custom seat cover with a tailor-made suit, and a semi-custom seat cover as an off the rack suit. A master tailor crafts a quality suit only after painstakingly measuring the client’s frame, taking every contour, curve and length into account. Likewise, our custom seat covers fit over your car seats precisely, leaving access to seatbelts, seat mounted controls, and factory safety equipment fully functional.

However, an off the rack suit can still fit pretty well, but not as well as a tailored suit. Rather, off the rack suits are crafted from patterns that come from average measurements of similarly sized bodies within a certain range. This is also true for semi-custom seat covers. They will fit over your seats as well as over other car, truck, SUV and van seats. An easy rule of thumb is that semi-custom seat covers will fit about 80% as well as a fully custom set of seat covers.

Now get on with those holiday plans and make some memories!

With what seems like a never ending selection of seat cover styles, types, and fabrics, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why we’re here waiting on the phone or by chat to help you get exactly what you need, and not to make sure you don’t overpay. It’s never too late to take a proactive approach to protect your seats or opt for a budget friendly way to bring your interior back up to your standards. we have a seriously huge selection from the most trusted brands in the industry at a wide variety of price points that won’t set you back too far to miss out on buying all the presents you need to for family members.

Be sure to check out some of our thousands of product reviews, and taking advice from customers and parents like you by reading the hundreds of seat cover reviews on our site. Put in your year, make, and model and you’ll find vehicle-specific reviews to make sure you find the best seat covers for your needs. We’ve got you covered!

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