Top 7 Truck Bed Organizers & Storage Systems in 2022


One of the many reasons you bought a truck was the ability to those things in the bed. It’s a beautiful thing. But all those items have a little too much freedom to roll around. The best way to make the most of that space, from drink cans to ropes, tools, and groceries, is to put in some boundaries. And the best way to do that is through truck bed organizers and storage systems. So, let’s look at some ways to keep everything under control. 

Truck Bed Storage Solutions for Staying Organized

We have what seems like thousands of organization options for your truck bed, regardless of the truck. Please look at our top 6 storage solutions that can help you keep everything happy and in its place. Your significant other will thank you. 

1. UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box

Who couldn’t love a storage box that swings out 180 degrees from the wheel well to the tailgate? But what if you have a tonneau cover? No worries, the UnderCover SwingCase sits at least 3 inches lower than the top of your truck bed. When it’s time to go somewhere, the SwingCase will hold 75 lbs of your stuff under its lockable and moisture-sealed lid.

The Case quickly lifts out of your truck bed to become a portable chest you can carry anywhere. On the inside, a sliding tool tray keeps your stuff in order. And, since it’s crafted from rugged injection-molded ABS, the Swing Case Toolbox can handle all the abuse your truck throws at it.

Built for the driver and passenger sides, you can get both for less than the cost of a traditional toolbox.

2. DECKED Truck Bed Storage Cargo Organizer

The organizer system from DECKED can fit most full-size trucks. This rear truck bed storage box transforms your truck into a versatile gear-hauling machine. DECKED has custom-designed it to fit perfectly into your bed’s footprint so that it amplifies your cargo capacity.

This cargo storage system deck can support a massive one ton of whatever you put on it. Below the heavy-duty deck lives two organized drawers that can handle 200 lbs of payload each. Their weatherproof and lockable compartments can safely carry your guns, gear, tools, and toys in super dry security.

3. Keeper Ratcheting Cargo Bar 

Sometimes, you need some simple extra help for those fuel storage containers, and the Keeper Ratcheting Cargo bar is perfect. It ratchets from 40 to 70 inches long and, with large rubber grip pads, is skid-resistant in any weather. 

The Keeper Cargo Bar can fit anywhere in the truck bed to secure suitcases, appliances, and anything that needs support.

4. TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The TruXedo TruXport Tonneau Cover’s 1.5-inch frame is built for heavy-duty action. The leather-look vinyl is supportive, and its looks match the TruXedo name. When you need extra height or want access, the TruXedo quickly unlocks and rolls up. 

The TruXedo is waterproof, easy to install, and fits other storage units like the DECKED storage organizer.

5. Dee Zee Red Label Utility Chest

Dee Zee’s multi-use chest is designed to fit under any tonneau cover and crafted from durable aluminum. Additionally, your valuable tools are safe from the elements thanks to its closed-cell foam gasket. This side mount toolbox also boasts self-centering strikers that close tightly and never need adjustment. Even better, the dampened gas shocks ensure a controlled opening and closing. And the side mount toolbox isn’t just for bigger tools. It’s perfect for housing smaller tools too.

6. Loading Zone Cargo Gate Truck Bed Divider

If you’re looking for an organizer that mounts easily and adjusts when you need it, it’s time to look at the Loading Zone Cargo Gate divider. Its ability to fit from the truck bed floor to the top of the sides and 65 lb load capacity make it a perfect organizer for boxes, containers, and even grocery bags.

The Loading Zone divider stays put on the roughest of roads. Its anodized aluminum tubes and heavy-duty nylon withstand the test of weather. 

7. The Aerobox Ecological Aerobox

Aerobox is a brand-new take on the aging, traditional truck toolbox. Think of it as a trunk for your truck. While most other truck boxes stay permanently mounted near the cab, Aerobox is mounted near the tailgate and easily removable. It also sits below the truck rails, which can be used with most tonneau covers. These simple innovations make the traditional truck cargo box obsolete.

Which Works Best for You?

Once you get a truck bed storage solution, you’ll wonder how you ever made it without one. And at AutoAnything, you can find one that perfectly fits your lifestyle, needs, and truck. With so many budget-friendly options, you could combine storage boxes with a tonneau or hardcover for a complete storage solution. Keeping everything in its place can help ease your daily tasks and road trips.


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