Tune Your Throttle Response with the K&N Throttle Control Module

GMC Sierra Chevy Silverado

For better or worse, cars these days are becoming more and more electronically controlled. For a lot of us, losing that mechanical connection from throttle and steering inputs really takes a lot of the soul out of driving. However, in this case we can turn things to our advantage, and give a little control back to the driver, which is rare these days.

Even just 15-20 years ago, most cars had a physical cable that directly connected the gas pedal to the throttle body. Recently though, that setup has been replaced by drive-by-wire systems that use sensors and software to control the throttle electronically. This gives manufacturers the ability to tame throttle response in order to hit those advertised mileage numbers, as well as the ability to have different selectable mappings for sport or towing modes.

Here’s where K&N comes in:

k&n throttle control moduleWhat K&N has done here with the Throttle Control Module is literally put that control in your hands by intercepting the signal between the go-pedal and the ECU. This allows you to adjust the throttle sensitivity on the fly, depending on what you need, or more importantly, what you want. You can dial it back for less throttle sensitivity in wet/icy conditions or maybe just to optimize for mileage on your morning commute. Or if you want to have a little fun, crank that puppy to the max and enjoy a more reactive throttle.

One prime offender of this that we’ve heard from our customers on, are some recent Chevy/GMC trucks. The throttle response in these later model trucks is tuned for maximum mileage so they can meet that number you see on the window sticker, however the side effect of that is these trucks just feel sluggish off the line unless you really put the hammer down.

Call me crazy, but if you’ve got that big V8 under the hood in front of you, it should feel like it, right? Oh, and the kit is plug and play, installs in under 30 minutes, and won’t void your warranty.



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