WHOA, MAMA! Kid-Proofing Your Car to Ditch the Daily Chaos

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The essential save-your-sanity hacks for moms who run the world from behind the wheel.

We see you racing around, wielding a bag of Cheerios in one hand and a soccer schedule in the other.

We know you’re juggling 176 balls at once — while still making sure there are clean clothes for the school week. 

And we know that errands never-end, meals perpetually need prepping, and kids will always kick the back of the seat. (It’s science.)

With everything else already stacked on your plate, the very last thing you need to deal with is an exasperating ride.

Let’s make your driving time stress-free.

What would make life on the road better?

1 | Simplify spills. Stop stains & smells.

From that sneaky sour milk smell to crevices packed with crumbs, we’ve built out an entire suite that keeps your vehicle squeaky clean. The name of the game is washability and protection, meaning hiccups (or throw ups) can be solved with the snap of your fingers and a blast with the hose.

The must-haves for saving some sanity:

  • Seat covers that are custom-fitted to your exact car (and life), and completely washable. Forget about scrubbing juice stains out of your upholstery. Now you can just strip off the covers and toss ‘em in the wash

Want a fit as snug as lululemon leggings? We recommend Coverking Neosupreme.

After a luxury look and a little extra comfort for mama? ProZ Premium Leatherette is the way to go.

Carting around the kids after practice? Grass, mud & cleats have nothing on CalTrend Dura Plus Canvas.

  • All-weather floor mats that are durable enough for soccer cleats and turf beads, but light enough to easily lift out, shake off, and rinse clean.

Staying true to the name, MAXLINER provides maximum coverage. Without sacrificing style.

Westin. They've seen it all in 40 years. Get their spill-proof, mud-proof, child-proof solution to floor mess.

Save some extra dollars for a little mom-and-wine time. Cover all your rows for a ballin' on a budget price.

  • A handy cargo liner that guards against pet hair, that bag of wet swimsuits, and the gallon of milk that leaked on the way home from the store. (Just take it out and rinse.)

Once again, MAXLINER has your back. Be prepared for anything & do it in style. (That's what moms do.)

ProZ FLEXOMATS are flexible, classy & custom made for you. Dare we say the Black Swan of cargo mats?

Get the black-is-still-the-new-black solution to mess with a ProZ Custom Fit. Save some cash for Starbucks.

  • The on-the-go vacuum that really sucks — it really sucks up old Cheerios from under the seats, crumbs from out of the cup holders, and the chunks of mud that hang out in the door jambs

Pro tip from other moms on the move:

Keep the grime off the back of your seat with custom-fitted covers that protect against the kick-kick-kicks of muddy little feet. (It’s a little detail that can make a big difference in your day-to-day.)

2 | Store everything you need (and then some).

Have your groceries gone wild? (We’ve been there.) Your day is already packed with enough stuff — which is why we’ve made packing up your vehicle easier than ever. These smart storage tools take the stress out of loading up and getting situated.

Whether you’re looking at long road trips to Nana’s — or just a trip back from CostCo, everything will have its place so you can find some peace of mind.

The must-haves for stayin’ organized and on top of it:

  • Underseat storage bags add some sneaky extra space that won’t get in the way. Stash a blanket for car naps, a first aid kit, or extra sandbox supplies for a day at the park.

Get military-levels of pockets & storage. With mom-levels of organization & prep. Oorah!

Don't let that storage space go to waste. Stock up with some heated blankets. Moms > Boy Scouts.

  • A cargo organization kit that sets you up with the durable spill protection of a liner, but the dreamy organization of collapsible containers. Since all the containers have handles, loading your stuff in and out is quick and simple. 

The ROLA MOVE Organizer keeps your stuff from, well, moving all over your trunk. All because of Pilates-level flexibility with a firm bottom.

Foldable, moldable, portable. Use Lund's Universal "Loks" to build your own custom-fit container. Remove & rebuild to form-fit what you're haulin'.

  • Seat-back storage centers for quick access to the things your kiddo needs most. Keep their entire Car Ride Happiness Kit within arm’s reach, stashing toys, wet wipes, and snacks where they’re easy and fast to get to. 

Pro tip from other moms on the move:

Collapsable storage containers free up extra space when you don’t have smaller stuff to haul around. Buying a bike instead of groceries? Just fold your storage cubes down and hide them to the side.

3 | Relax into a comfortable drive.

Real talk: you’re in the car...like, a lot. As you’re running all over town, these accessories keep the whole fam cozy and comfortable. (This means great things like quiet, happy kiddos while you’re stuck in rush hour.)

The must-haves for keeping ‘em happy:

  • Pet necessities that give your fur babies the comforts (and quick clean up) of home, even when they’re on the open road with you. From plush pet beds to washable cargo liners, it’s all about keeping their — and your — stress levels low. 

Made just for the Rusty, Princess, Duke or Mr. Peanut in your life. A comfy cargo dog bed by Canine Covers.

And for the Rover who likes to lounge in the back seat, easy in & out covers from Northwest are our choice.

For a tighter fit & extra-tough protection, Canine Covers Canvas has your back.

  • Portable jump starters and emergency kits make sure that you’re safe (and saved) no matter where your battery might decide to die. Getting stranded on the side of the road with kiddos is a recipe for disaster — especially when you’re down to your last packet of fruit snacks. Portable starters make sure you never even need to worry about it. 
  • Sun shades make everyone’s ride easier. Since it blocks out any bright light, older kids can see their tablets better (there isn’t screen glare), and babies will serenely nap the car ride away without the harsh sun in their eyes or on their skin. 

Covercraft knows UV. Cool the car that much quicker with up to 40°F drop in interior temps. (Phew!)

Protect your eyes from blazing sun rays. And prying eyes from looking in. We call that a win-win.

Just. Look. At. Their. Faces. Brighten up your day while cooling down your cabin. lookattheirfaces!


Pro tip from other moms on the move:

If you live that tablet life, adding a tablet holder on the back of your seat keeps the screen at a healthy distance for your kiddo’s eyes. Plus a little posture-correction never hurts.

Life happens in your car. 

From the crying backseat meltdowns to incredible mama moments, we’re here to make this whole raise-kids-and-rule-the-world-thing easier for you.

Give us a ring on the Mom Hotline for installation tips, custom fits, and personal walkthroughs.

We can’t wait to help you nail it.

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