Will an Oiled Filter Damage a Mass Air Flow Sensor?

How Mass Air Flow Sensors Work
MAFs Can Be Damaged by the Following
  1. Running an intake without a filter: The MAF can’t send an accurate signal through bugs and dirt, so put that filter back on. It’s not restricting flow as badly as you may think
  2. Spraying injector or brake cleaner directly onto the air filter or MAF sensing wire: There’s a specific mass air flow sensor cleaning spray, don’t confuse it with other cleaners
  3. Touching the MAF’s sensing element: The oils and acids on your skin will contaminate the sensor
  4. Never cleaning your intake’s filter: This will eventually make the filter element break down, causing, oiled gauze, bugs and whatever else that’s caught into it to crash into the MAF’s sensing element
  5. Not tightening the battery’s terminal connections after installing an intake: Every time the battery’s cables make adequate contact with the terminals, damaging voltage spikes can be created, potentially frying your mass air flow sensorDriving through puddles or torrential downpours with a low-slung cold air intake installed and not using a hydroshield on its filter
  6. Over-oiling an air filter while cleaning: You only need to discolor the filter with oil for it to work correctly, so if you’re going through a bottle of oil each time you clean your filter, you’re using way too much

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