You Won’t Go MIA With TJM Winches and Recovery Tools

TJM Torq Winch

It seems like some of the best offroading gear comes from the land down under (or “‘Straya,” as the locals call it), and TJM is maintaining that reputation beautifully by focusing on the stuff that really matters and leaving the frills to the other guys. Nothing shows that more than their Torq line of winches, available in 9.5k and 12k lbs load ratings.

TJM Torq winch Synthetic winch line isn’t just a fad, it’s a great solution to the most dangerous element of winching, which is why the TJM winches we carry come with it standard. The steel cable it replaces may be strong, but if it snaps, your predicament of being stuck can go from an inconvenience to a deadly end to the trip. If synthetic line breaks, it does not carry the energy to snap back at you, and you won’t have to worry about nasty wire splinters either.

TJM Yulara Rooftop Tent

The winches also come standard with aluminum Hawse fairleads and wireless remotes to allow you to control the winch within a safe distance, as well as being able to get good visibility on what you’re doing.

TJM recovery kitOf course, you should never go exploring out in the bush alone, so TJM has you covered if you need to pull one of your mates out of a tough situation with a full line of recovery kits, straps, snatch blocks, and winch extensions. Everything is designed and tested in the toughest environments The Outback has to offer.


Then, once you’re done exploring for the day, you can roll out your TJM awning, available in two different sizes. Kick back in the shade and pop open a stubby. You’ve earned it, mate.

TJM awning


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