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Roof Racks & Cargo Carriers

Roof Racks & Cargo Carriers

When it comes to a weekend - or even just an afternoon - of adventuring, don’t be restricted by the confines of your vehicle. With AutoAnything’s supply of cargo carriers and roof racks for cars of all shapes and sizes, the sky is literally the limit. You can safely and securely stow your snowboards, bicycles, kayaks, stand up paddleboards, cargo boxes, luggage carriers, and more atop your vehicle for a long haul trip without taking up any interior space. And without taking the beach home with you when you Jenga your surfboard through the trunk and sandwich it between your front seats for the thousandth time. Check out our Roof Rack Buying Guide.
It’s time to level up, friends. Leave the sand for the beach and learn how find the perfect cargo carrier for your ride. Before you begin comparing your options for car roof racks, it’s important to crack open your vehicle’s owner manual (or do a little online research) and check it’s roof type and weight limitations. Then, you need to take a look at your vehicle and see what’s already sitting up there. Most car roof racks won’t come with the rails and crossbars, so you may need additional accessories before you are trail-bound.

Some vehicles have factory-mounted roof racks, rail-mounted roof racks, or nothing at all. If yours falls in the latter category, fear not. We see this a lot when people are looking for car roof racks. You’ll simply need to purchase a complete system, which will include a foot pack, fit kit and crossbars. These will have you hauling all your gear in no time - and are easier to install than that bookshelf you tried to assemble last weekend, we promise.

Once your car is equipped with full rails, you are ready to start bookmarking cargo carriers in your web browser. The type of cargo or luggage carriers you’ll have to choose from will largely depend on the width of your crossbars and the cargo you want to carry. That is, what’s your activity of choice? Kayak roof racks for cars are going to require different components than a bike rack. And each one will come with its own instructions to ensure that your gear doesn’t try to take flight in the middle of the Interstate on your way out of town.

For those of you that can’t just pick one sport, we strongly recommend individually buying the correct set-up for each type of item you want to haul. You’ll be able to swap them out quickly and this will ensure the most secure hauling system. In this example, you won’t need to ever change your rails or crossbars, just the type of luggage carriers that sit on top of them.

Ready to start exploring? Choose from our selection of roof racks for cars and truck bed racks from leading brands such as Yakima, Rhino-Racks, Thule, INNO and more. We know that finding the right outdoor gear is an investment in your time and money. We carry only the best so you can carry your gear with confidence. You might also find useful tips on our roof racks vs. cargo carriers article.
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