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Go Rhino XRS Overland Roof Rack System

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Go Rhino is raising the bar in overlanding. The new, application specific Xtreme Rack is the heart of the Xtreme Rack System (XRS), a family of trail accessories specially engineered for the passionate overlander and camper. The Xtreme Rack features the exclusive 4-CORE crossbars along its sides and top. The 4-CORE is an extruded track system of slotted bars that can accept any 1/4 inch-20 hex bolt or Quick Fist clamp, which means almost any accessory can be bolted to the rack... anywhere on the rack. Accessories can be mounted on the inside of the rack (facing the bed) or underneath a tent, maximizing storage carrying capacity. Additionally, this 4-CORE technology is also built into Go Rhino's popular SRM Racks and most XRS 4-CORE accessories are compatible across both systems. The Xtreme Rack's combination of steel and aluminum offers both strength and weight savings and can easily support OE rooftop tents. Installation is drill-free and works with both factory bed rack mounting systems and the included bed rail mounting clamps. Steel uprights brace all four corners and feature threaded inserts at the top and bottom, tie down locations along the interior and base, MOLLE holes on the outward side, and a flat rear surface with mounting holes for accessories. The main crossbars spanning the front and rear have six mounting holes along the top (for optional lighting) and interior access points to help keep wires tucked away. The included Rhino Accessory Gear Plate has pre-drilled mounting holes for popular accessories, such as Rotopax, Daystar, MOLLE gear, shovels and traction boards. When mounted on the inside, outside, roof or ceiling of the rack, a new plane for cargo is created. "We know that finding ways to secure your cargo on an overlanding trip is extremely important," said Glen Kukula, Managing Director at Go Rhino. "The 4-CORE technology gives the customer far more storage space than simply throwing bins in the truck bed, and the easy way accessories can be used across the XRS and SRM Rack platforms gives it more bang for the buck." The XRS is called a "system" because Go Rhino has developed a family of accessories that increase the use and enjoyment of the Xtreme Rack. One Rhino Accessory Gear Plate (5950020T) is included with each rack but more can be purchased individually. While the Plate has pre-drilled holes for the Xtreme Rack or SRM Roof Racks, the flat mounting surface is drillable and can be customized for use with any application. The Go Rhino Accessory Gear Table (5950110T) provides an outdoor work surface that can support up to 200 pounds. When closed, the table leaves a 3-inch gap that allows for storage of a shovel or ax, along with a padlock latch for security. The exterior (or underside) of the table features mounting holes and MOLLE/PALS slots to instantly increase storage space for strapable items.

The Go Rhino Reel Handle Kit (5950100T) is a pair of strong, steel grab handles that also doubles as storage space for tow straps and ropes. While designed to fit the Xtreme Rack, the flat mounting surface makes it a universal fit for many applications.

Because the Xtreme Rack and SRM Roof Racks feature the 4-CORE crossbar rails, there are accessories that can be used across both lines. Go Rhino's Quick Release Tent Brackets (5950030T) make for easy, one-handed use and allows the customer to avoid pesky mounting straps. HD Awning Brackets (5950040T) have mounting slots that support both standard-sized and extra-large awnings, as well as a slotted rail for custom configurations. The curved design allows the bracket to flow around the rack's end caps and under a tent.

The XRS-TO-SRM Connector Brackets (5950010T) allows mounting of any basket-style SRM600, platform-style SRM500 or customizable SRM400 roof rack to the Xtreme Rack. A set of Rhino Tie Downs (5950130T) is a handy accessory for ropes, straps or bungee cords. They are available as a pack of four and fit anywhere on the 4-CORE


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