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INNO Roof Racks & Cargo Carriers Customer Reviews

INNO Shadow Roof Cargo Box Reviews

Reviewed by oded m (boulder, CO) Reviewed for a 2007 Subaru Impreza — 2011-03-05 11:35:09

After doing quite a bit of shopping around I purchased the inno shadow 14 for my 2007 impreza hatchback. It has a very sleek design and fits my smaller car perfectly. Before I was using an old yakima load ranger with 20cu ft of space (which i got many years of use out of on a larger vehicle) but there is noticeably less drag with the smaller inno. It is mounted a little towards the front of the vehicle just to allow room for the hatch to open all the way but looks great all around. I have not seen the shadow 16 but assume it will fit nicely on a small hatchback as well. The box easily holds a few snowboards, and i assume a good amount of my camping/sports gear in the summer. The mounting system is the easiest to use of any box I have encountered, it literally took me 3 minutes. Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase and smile every time I see it on my car.

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INNO BoardLocker Surfboard Rack Reviews

Reviewed by Vitaliy H (Kailua, HI) — 2011-07-19 21:01:33

Simple to install, well built and sturdy, even when you approach 80mph. If all products had this amount of quality and value vested in them; marketers would be out of a job. The amount of time you will save not attaching/reattaching a soft rack, will turn into hours and then days. I would recommend this to anyone who surfs often.

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INNO Locking Kayak, Canoe, SUP & Surf Rack Reviews

Reviewed by Brian P (Stow, OH) — 2011-07-12 07:20:20

I have a lot to say. This rack will be good for everything it says; kayaks/canoes/stand up paddleboards (sup), etc... HOWEVER! FUNCTIONIALLY THIS LOCKER IS A HASSLE! 1. This locker is a hassle to install, locks whatever item you strap down within the locker, but does not lock to the cross bars on your car. 2. The directions specifically state to remove the locker when it is not in use (this is a serious hassle) and if you keep the locker on your car, it can be stolen, or it may be damaged from wind/rain/sun (as stated in the directions.) 3. This locker is 110% NOT COMPATIBLE with the INNO WIND FAIRING due to the PADS that come with the locker. INNO will tell you that it is, but it is not. You can not use this locker, with a wind fairing and pads (both are important). 4. If you have cross bars, want a wind fairing and some type of tie down system to hold your boards, kayaks, etc... you can purchase the INNO pads for cross bars (which even though do not fit over a fairing), you can insert the pads onto the part of the fairing that faces to the back of your car to protect your boards and your fairing. You can do this by putting the pad opening facing the front of your car and shimmy it on the crossbar/fairing clip. 5. For more appropraite easy to use tie downs. Go to any home hardware store and buy those tie downs that you can sinch down tight. They cost less than $10 and are much more practical for taking boards on and off your car. If you want something that locks your boards down to the rack, you can buy the same sinch down system online with key locks on them, these also include a steal cable through the tie down system so that they can not be cut. This is a much more practical option than the board locker that I purchased. The board locker looks great, looks really durable, but is a hassle to deal with. If you care about a wind fairing and having pads on your cross bars to protect your board and your bars this locker will not work, regardless of what INNO tells you.

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INNO Wind Fairing Reviews

Reviewed by Christopher E (Midvale, UT) Reviewed for a 2010 Toyota 4Runner — 2010-07-13 20:36:29

I recently purchased the Inno Fairing to go along with my custom roof rack. It gave a great look to my ride and fit really well except for the center bracket (due to a bar on my rack). It cut down on wind noise, has slightly improved gas mileage, and seems to help my 4Runner track much better in the wind.

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INNO Dual Kayak Rack Reviews

Reviewed by John P (Sandpoint, ID) — 2011-10-21 09:53:18

I mounted my Inno rack on the centerline of the factory crossbars of my 2006 Subaru Outback, and the cradles on the outboard sides, with the intention of carrying 2 kayaks on their sides. (The way shown in the ads, with the tower on one edge of the car and both boats on the other side, wouldn't work for me). My kayaks are actually hybrid tunnel-hull boats called Native Ultimate 12. Their width (30 inches) and unusual hull shape make it challenging to carry two on a relatively narrow factory rack. The Inno "tower" works great. For me, however, the cradles are far too inefficient in their use of crossbar space. There are several wasted inches between the clamping point and the point where the kayak actually rests. Since I had no crossbar width to spare, this didn't work for me. I solved the problem by buying 4 Malone canoe cradles, which use crossbar width much more efficiently. So I now use 2 Inno towers and 4 Malone cradles to carry my two boats, on their sides with the bottom of each hull against the centerline-mounted towers. This works great. Overall - a good product but inefficient in its use of crossbar space.

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