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Rooftop Cargo Carrier Reviews

Popular Reviews

4.50 star rating   Average Customer Rating for Rooftop Cargo Carriers: 4.50 out of 5 Stars (540 Customer Reviews)

PackRight Sport 3 Car Top Carrier Reviews (1 of 30+)

5.00 star rating
6 of 7 people found this review helpful.

We just returned from a 1500 mile journey using our carrier. This was the first time we ever used one. The room was extroadinary and the secure way it was attached to the car gave us a sense of relief when going at higher speeds on highway.At first we could not figure out how to attach to car but a neighbor came over and helped us to understand the directions. When we packed it on our way home it was even easier.I would recommend this to the novice who like us never had a carrier. It is extremly roomy and of quality material even offering waterproofing on box. We are satisfied and the price was perfect.

—Reviewed by donald v (Cedar Knolls, NJ) 2011 Toyota Sienna

Thule Atlantis Cargo Boxes Reviews (1 of 80+)

5.00 star rating
10 of 11 people found this review helpful.

I shopped around before settling on this model. A little pricier than the Ascent, but the color matched my silver VW and the aerodynamics may offset the slight increase in price. Easy to install and use. Effectively tripled the cargo space of my car. The Atlantis is just the right size and fits perfectly in-line with my car. Barely noticeable when driving. Arrived via 18 wheeler, but came in perfect condition and in a reasonable amount of time. This website had the cheapest prices I could find. PS. I wish more reviewers include details so the rest of us could make better decisions . . i.e. model of car, etc. Thanks.

—Reviewed by Vance L (Gastonia, NC) 0 0 0

Surco Safari Roof Rack Reviews (1 of 160+)

4.00 star rating
3 of 5 people found this review helpful.

Installed an 84x55 Surco Safari rack on a Yukon XL. The rack itself assembles cleanly and quickly. The base rack seems like a great value for the price. Unfortunately, the accessories are way overpriced and thus the total cost of the rack as outfitted cost well over $1000. Too much for what it is. I opted against the light mounts as they were too expensive and after seeing the other mounts, I am glad I did it. A simple hole drilled through the bar and I had a perfect place to mount the lights. I am happy with the quality and look of the rack as well as the base price. It's too bad Surco decided to gouge the customers with the accessories making this rack unaffordable for many.

—Reviewed by Chris W (Santa Rosa, CA) 2004 GMC Yukon XL

Thule 682 Sidekick Roof Cargo Box Reviews (1 of 120+)

5.00 star rating
2 of 3 people found this review helpful.

I read several reviews of the Sidekick before I bought it. I found the comments to ring true during a recent 6 day whirlwind trip with mine. It is small (a little smaller than I expected) and feels a little flimsy during assembly, but I must say it performed well - didn't leak during very heavy rain, didn't move at speed (even with a cross wind) and didn't appear to have a negative effect on mileage. One comment by others that I must emphasize - It definately takes two people to assemble and install. Its not difficult, just cumbersome. Once its on, its good to go and go and go. If you don't need a lot of extra space the sidekick should serve you well. I'm glad I bought mine.

—Reviewed by Marion G (Bakersfield, CA) 2001 BMW 5-Series

Thule Ascent Cargo Carriers Reviews (1 of 60+)

5.00 star rating
7 of 8 people found this review helpful.

What can you say? Easy on, easy access, excellent aerodynamics, and sharp looks. I got the 16 cubic foot version and it is perfect for my '02 Toyota 4-Runner. I love the 'claw' attachment system and the secure locking mechanism and can fit camping/fishing gear for 5 in it, freeing up lots of space in the cabin. I give it two thumbs up and look forward to years of service from it. Excellent delivery service, as well, in spite of the local trucking office telling me the driver 'broke down' on the day it was scheduled for delivery, when, really, he had been re-routed by his local dispatcher to cover someone else's deliveries. Anyway, if you're considering this piece, you won't be disappointed.

—Reviewed by Russ M (Wilburton, OK) 2002 Toyota 4-Runner

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