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Gas Saving Products

Save gas—that's the word on the street these days. And, you can depend on your fuel-friendly pals at AutoAnything to help. With demand at an all-time high, shortages, global conflicts and ever-aging refineries, the good old days of cheap gas are long gone. The price of diesel is now orbiting the stratosphere and gas prices aren't far behind—this so-called black gold is more valuable than ever. And, until 60 MPG hybrids become the norm, most of us have to make the best of our current vehicle. That's where we come in. AutoAnything has a full tank of gas saving products designed to slow your fuel gauge's migration to the left. What's more, we're here to make sure you don't have to spend a bundle to save on petrol. That's why you get our 1-year lower price guarantee with every order from AutoAnything. On top of that, we ship 99% of our accessories fast and free right to your doorstep, and there's no minimum purchase to qualify.
Gas saving Truck Accessories like air filters and air intakes, exhaust systems, programmers and tuners, tonneau covers and even tire-pressure gauges all come together to save more MPGs than you may think. Couple these gas saving devices with the sound driving techniques pointed out in our Gas Mileage Research Center, and you'll be hypermiling in no time! Of course, you can learn all about these money-saving accessories right here. Why add an air filter, you ask? Simple: those stock paper air filters under your hood are designed to block crud from creeping into your engine block, not for allowing energy-rich air to blow in. Because of this airflow chokehold, your motor has to burn more fuel to create enough energy to get you up to freeway speeds. Aftermarket air filters, though, are specially engineered to give you the best of both worlds: protection from impurities and rip-roaring air flow. Pop one of these bad boys into your engine compartment, and your motor will breathe easier, burn less fuel and reward you with big-time savings at the pump. If you want to pump your ride's power while you increase your MPGs, step up from an air filter to an air intake system. With a full cold air intake, you get both a free-flowing air filter-you get a completely new air induction system. These custom designed kits come with everything you need to swap out your clunky, restrictive air intake. In its place mounts a system that's designed from the ground up to maximize the amount of oxygen it can gobble up and force down your motor's gullet. The results? You guessed it: a serious kick in the pants of your fuel consumption and your performance. Now, you can't have both breakneck speeds and hybrid-like MPGs. So you'll have to lay off the throttle if you really want to see the savings, but you can still break loose from time to time and enjoy the white-knuckle horsepower and torque that comes with aftermarket air intakes. Speaking of gut-wrenching get-up-and-go, another weapon in your arsenal against high fuel prices and underwhelming stock performance is an aftermarket exhaust system. Just as an intake system allows your engine to breathe in more oxygen, an upgraded exhaust system lets it exhale spent gases more efficiently. The problem with stock exhaust pipes is that they're crush bent from dinky diameter tubes, and that creates a lot of restriction and backpressure. But, a performance exhaust is optimized for flow.
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