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Power Programmers & Performance Tuners

Power programmers and performance tuners are the easiest way maximize your engine's efficiency. Along with easy plug `n play installation, programmers and gas saving chips deliver added power and help take your ride from gas guzzler to fuel friendly. Take advantage of these chips’ fuel economy tuning capabilities to save more at the pump. And with countless power programmers & performance tuners reviews to read, you’ll discover real experiences from real customers like you.
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Customer Reviews

Edge Evolution CTS2 Programmer


I researched multiple devices. I thought damn this one's expensive, but the reviews were much better than the others, so I thought just don't let the wife know. I installed it and OMG!! My 2015 Yukon Denali is a beast now. You can program it different times for different uses. Towing for higher torque, fuel economy if you want to save money on gas; but mine is in the sport mode all the time and I absolutely LOVVVVE it. Was going to get a supercharger for $4k but don't need it now. View more reviews...
Posted By Barry W (Benton, KY) / July 21, 2019
2015 GMC Yukon
Hypertech Max Energy Programmer

Great choice if you're looking for safe, reliable gains

I installed this tuner on my 2018 F-150 with the 2.7L Eco-boost. I have created 2 programs I can switch between. I have a conservative program for everyday driving using 87 octane and a more aggressive program for 93+ octane for ultimate performance. I have had very little experience with the aggressive program so far but the everyday tune is noticeably better than stock. View more reviews...
Posted By Dave P (Rochester, NY) / July 18, 2019
2018 Ford F-150
DiabloSport Sprint Active Fuel Management Module

not worth the asking price but works.

its alright does what its supposed to do and tricks the computer into being under load to run at v8 mode all the time. doesn't solve rough idle issue doesn't increase hp or mpg it only removes the v4 mode. thats it. not worth the money but you got 3 options ,this, the other brand, or buy the tuner. wish i would of bought the tuner now instead of later. if your tight on money but really want your v8 to be a v8 then this works .. but needs to be ALOT cheaper. View more reviews...
Posted By Cody M (TULALIP, WA) / May 29, 2019
2011 Chevy Avalanche

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