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Power Programmers & Performance Tuners

Power programmers and performance tuners are the easiest way maximize your engine's efficiency. Along with easy plug `n play installation, programmers and gas saving chips deliver added power and help take your ride from gas guzzler to fuel friendly. Take advantage of these chips’ fuel economy tuning capabilities to save more at the pump. And with countless power programmers & performance tuners reviews to read, you’ll discover real experiences from real customers like you.
You're not stuck with the gas mileage the factory gave you. AutoAnything's assortment of gas saving chips give you a one-way ticket to fuel-sipping heaven. Gas engine tuners are the most cost effective way to improve the gas mileage on your car, truck, SUV or van—with gas prices sky high, they quickly pay for themselves. Gas chips are expertly programmed to seek and destroy engine waste. So, your power plant runs with unrivaled efficiency. Plus, most are updatable online, ensuring you're always running lean and green. And, gas programmers install seamlessly through your OBD II port, so you're on your way to gas saving bliss in no time.

Gas programmers do more than just unlock your engine's true potential—many provide tons of high-tech tools and add-ons. From adjusting your tire size to logging trips and a host of other cool tools, programmers for gas trucks, SUVs, cars and vans do it all. These programmers give you the winning combination of added features and savings at pump. Think about what you could do with all that extra dough in your pocket.

Fuel economy tuners are programmed for nearly any vehicle on the road. From sub-compacts to 1-ton pickups and everything in between, there is a gas saving tune available for your ride. Sick of spiraling gas prices putting a hole in your budget? An F150 tuner plugs that gusher in your wallet. Is the price tag of your commute sapping your jobsite motivation? Chevy truck programmers whip your rig's gas mileage into shape instantly. Best of all, AutoAnything has an unparalleled selection of gas programmers from the top names in the business. And, they are available at the absolute lowest prices thanks to our 1-year lower price guarantee. Plus, they all ship for free, saving you even more. With AutoAnything and these gas saving programmers on your side, you get a tag-team of savings that leave you and your bank account smiling.

Power Programmers & Performance Tuners Reviews
Check out this recent Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Tuner customer review: Adam P from Bangor, ME says "I really like this tuner. I can't say I noticed much power gains, but I primarily got it to adjust the transmission shift points and firmness, and it does that very well. My truck shifts much smoother and is more responsive. The install was easy and programming is simple. Some say it is too small, but after the newness (wanting to stare at it all the time) wears off I think the size is perfect. It doesn't take up too much space and is still readable at a glance. I have a friend who spent a lot more to get the Edge Evolution CTS, which does have a much better looking display, but fewer displayable stats, and it is way too big. The Bully Dog gets the job done and the price is very reasonable. I would buy it again if I had to."
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Hypertech Max Energy Programmer


Really woke my truck up View more reviews...
Posted By Greg P (CHECK, VA) / July 16, 2020
2000 GMC Sierra
DiabloSport Predator P2 Tuner

great product

I did have an edge programmer before that worked but started having issues with it. Now that I switched I am very happy. I mostly do what I can for economy and this product has helped. I get almost 23 mph on highway that's more than I get with the edge. I did try the other modes and they did hurt mileage but it did open up the truck. I'm very satisfied with this tuner, might get the trinity some time in the future. View more reviews...
Posted By Timothy E (DEER PARK, TX) / March 18, 2020
2007 Dodge Ram
DiabloSport Sprint Active Fuel Management Module

not worth the asking price but works.

its alright does what its supposed to do and tricks the computer into being under load to run at v8 mode all the time. doesn't solve rough idle issue doesn't increase hp or mpg it only removes the v4 mode. thats it. not worth the money but you got 3 options ,this, the other brand, or buy the tuner. wish i would of bought the tuner now instead of later. if your tight on money but really want your v8 to be a v8 then this works .. but needs to be ALOT cheaper. View more reviews...
Posted By Cody M (TULALIP, WA) / May 29, 2019
2011 Chevy Avalanche