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Seat Covers

We don't really think about it as we sip our morning coffee on the way to work, but we're always just one slight slip or pothole away from a spill so bad it would have BP and Exxon tugging at their collars nervously. And if you've got some light cloth seats, you might as well call it game over right there, because that stain isn't going to be easy to get out.

From our own spills to the mini-tornados that hop in the car every time we’re on carpool duty, real-world driving inevitably means things get a bit dirty, stained, or even torn up. The options? A) Never drive your vehicle again. (Next!) B) Live with disgusting seats for eternity. (Nope!) C) Get yourself some seat covers. (Ding, ding!) Chances are that if you've landed here, you're at you’re already thinking about custom car seat covers -- we always knew you were smart. So let’s dive in to learn what’s right for you. You can also review our Top 10 Seat Covers for 2020.

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Car seat cover shoppers can be split into two categories: Ones looking for something that looks and fits nicely (even as far as to look factory) and offering good protection -- and the ones who just need something some their seats won't get ruined. If you're planning on putting some car seat covers on a newer vehicle and/or plan to have them on for the duration of your ownership, you're probably looking for something that will fit snuggly and more or less look like they're supposed to be there. Check out our Car & Truck Seat Covers Buying Guide.

However, maybe you just need covers for an older car where you really just need something, and a tight fit isn't necessarily a priority over protection and cost.. Or maybe you need a set of work truck seat covers, something you can pull on and off as needed? We've got options for you!

Car Seat Covers - Common seat cover fabric and fit types you might see:

These car seat covers are made from the same (or similar in the case of NeoSupreme) material as wetsuits, and they more or less serve the same purpose. They usually offer a snug fit given the stretchiness of the material, and importantly, (most) are waterproof. This makes them a solid choice for any situation where your seats have a chance of getting wet or stained, have a recognizable outdoors-y look (dare I say sporty?), and fit great. Coverking and Wet Okole are two solid brands to keep an eye out for here. These are very popular options for Jeep seat covers as well.

These are king when it comes to either retaining a factory look, or even improving it. Even legit leather seat covers can be a cost effective alternative to ponying up factory costs on whatever package or trim-level you have to buy into to actually get leather seats. Not only do these bring the look, but they're easy to clean and still protect your seats at least as well as other custom seat covers on this list.

If you need maximum toughness and heavy stain resistance above all else, this is where to look. Because this material doesn't really have much in the way of give, these tend to be more of a loose fit than some others on this list. So they wouldn't be your first choice for a factory look, but if you need car or truck seat covers for heavy work and your seats are at risk of really getting dirty, this is a good place to look.

Custom, Semi-Custom, or Universal Fit?
Most seat covers we sell are custom fit for your specific vehicle and trim level, but there are other options. Semi-custom car seat covers are made for your seat type, but won't offer the same contour and fit as an actual custom seat cover set. The plus is that these are cheaper, easier to install, and for the most part get the job done just as well (functionally speaking). Now if you really just need something cheap and easy to take on and off, we have universal car seat covers available as well. These are mostly meant for when you just need to cover things up temporarily or for when you need to take the dogs out for a trip. These prioritize utility over look in most cases, but that's not to say they'll look bad at all. Just purpose-built car and truck seat covers.

Still want to know more? Check out our full car & truck seat cover guide, and of course never hesitate to call or chat with one of our experts to find the custom seat covers you really need! To help provide even more information, we've compiled The Ultimate Car Seat Covers and The Ultimate Truck Seat Cov
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