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Neoprene Seat Covers

Most seats in cars or trucks are not made to keep up with the active lifestyles we all carry. Whether you crave a wave, or live in an area where it rains more than you see the sun, your car seats are first to fall victim to premature wear and damage. Luckily for you, there is a custom seat cover made to withstand the conditions they face. Neoprene seat covers are the affordable way to protect your seats by using what the surfers wear: neoprene. With waterproof car seat covers, you’ll be ready to face whatever conditions come through!
Neoprene auto seat covers are made with the same materials they use to make wetsuits. This material is known for being lightweight and flexible, all while being waterproof. Whether you are in need of water, dirt, or harmful UV protection, neoprene seat covers are the perfect solution. For an even more affordable option, we offer neosupreme custom seat covers. Neosupreme adds a polyester blend to the neoprene material. This makes it more flexible, more fitting, and more affordable compared to the neoprene auto seat covers.

Neoprene Seat Covers and The Benefits They Provide

Instead of throwing generic blankets or towels onto your seats, throw some style in there with custom seat covers. Regardless of your favorite color or pattern, we carry a style that fits your taste. These auto seat covers come in complete packages. Whether your car or truck has one row, two rows, or three rows, our kits have everything you need to protect those precious seats.

Never have doubts in the quality of your neoprene seat covers when you buy from some of the biggest names in the business. A name like CalTrend is worldly popular with surfers and the “Cali lifestyle”. You know you can depend on their waterproof car seat covers. Need a solid color to match your car or truck? The Coverking name says it all: they are the kings of auto seat covers. Offering both neoprene, and neosupreme materials, they have what you need under one roof. SKANDA is a name fond with truck owners. They carry all the popular camouflage patterns you can think of.

You can guarantee a perfect fit for your car or truck with neoprene waterproof car seat covers. With the countless colors and designs offered, there is something for everyone. Need to complement your beach cruiser? Slap on a set of Hawaiian print custom seat covers. Need your hunting truck to help blend in to the blind? Pick out your camouflage of choice. Still can’t make up your mind? We’ve got you covered with buying guides to help you along the way. Still not convinced? Read up on our countless positive rated reviews from satisfied customers who went neoprene and never looked back. To help provide even more information, we've recently published The Ultimate Car Seat Covers and The Ultimate Truck Seat Covers

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Customer Reviews

Coverking Neosupreme Seat Covers

Seat covers

Looks great, good quality....difficult to place clips under seat without wrapping seat track View more reviews...
Posted By Dave K (Port Saint Lucie , FL ) / February 26, 2021
2016 Dodge Ram
Fia Neoprene Seat Covers

Perfect fit

These seat covers seem very well made. They fit perfectly and look fantastic. They are very tight and it takes a little work to get them on but it's a straight forward process. Only time will tell how well they will hold up, but first impressions are extremely good. View more reviews...
Posted By Jaimie M (BIG ROCK, TN) / February 10, 2021
2005 Chevy Colorado
Coverking Genuine Neoprene Seat Covers

Exactly what I hoped for

Looked all over the web for a good deal on Neoprene seat covers. Started out wanting camo, but found these in black and gray and it matches the inside of my pickup really well. Comfortable as promised, easy to install. Very satisfied. View more reviews...
Posted By Kirk S (BOZEMAN, MT) / February 9, 2021

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