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Leather Seat Covers

Nothing quite gives your vehicle a luxurious facelift as quickly as leather seat covers. Are we right or are we right? Buttery soft to the touch, easy on the eyes and just simply sleek in every way, this is one car accessory you’ll love for years to come. Whether you want to protect the leather seats that came with your car or you just want all the benefits of leather seats without the hefty price tag for the upgrade, we’ve got your back and your bu….err seat. And with a wide array of car seat covers in various colors and trims to match or enhance your vehicle's interior, you’re sure to find custom or universal fit options that deliver the perfect touch.

When it comes to upgrading your truck’s interior, leather seat covers bring a sense of luxury and durability. Whether you’re looking to preserve your car seats or hide old or worn-looking seats, seat covers are an easy and affordable way to put some life back into your vehicle’s interior. AutoAnything is your go-to for premium aftermarket parts and accessories.

How Long Do Leather Seat Covers Last

A leather seat cover provides some advantages when it comes to durability. Leather is generally more resistant to stains and easier to clean than fabric options. The more you take care of leather car seat covers, the longer they’ll last. These covers should be vacuumed regularly. Use leather cleaners and conditioners for maintenance. A sunshade can help block UV rays from damaging your seat covers.

How Much Do Leather Seat Covers Cost

When it comes to car seat covers, you can expect to pay more or less depending on the material. Leatherette covers have the look and feel of leather, but are made of vinyl. Genuine leather is generally more expensive, with Nappa leather covers being the most expensive. At AutoAnything, we offer various types of leather options to meet your budget and needs.

Pros of Leather Seat Covers

In addition to being more durable and easier to clean than fabric seat covers, leather seat covers tend to respond better to your truck’s seat ventilation, where available. The look of leather transforms the look of your interiors. They are an instant upgrade that can look as good as actual leather car seats.

Cons of Leather Seat Covers

A car seat covering in leather is more impacted by the weather. On a sunny day, a leather cover can be very hot to the touch. Similarly, it can be very cold in the winter. Leather is generally more expensive than other seat cover materials.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Leather Seat Covers Through AutoAnything

AutoAnything provides a hassle-free shopping experience. Search by vehicle, brand, price, and other details to find the right seat covers for your truck. We offer the lowest prices guaranteed for up to one year after purchase. We commit to bringing you premium parts at amazing prices.

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Customer Reviews

Coverking Leatherette Seat Covers

The best!

My third set of seat covers for my 2019 Chevy 2500. These are the best. Quality product! View more reviews...
Posted By Littlejohn B (ELLAVILLE, GA) / April 26, 2023
CalTrend "I Can't Believe It's Not Leather" Seat Covers

seat covers

These Caltrend seat covers are nice looking and so easy to install. I had both of front seats done in less than an hour. Really comfortable View more reviews...
Posted By Christopher P (FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ) / February 17, 2023
Coverking Ultisuede Leatherette Seat Covers

Truck Seat Covers

These seat covers are very well made and look great. They are comfortable and fit well, too. They are the easiest seat covers to install I've ever seen, but still a bit of a pain for this old, broken Veteran. Well worth the money!!! View more reviews...
Posted By Bruce B (MT PLEASANT, TX) / December 30, 2020
2017 Ford F-150

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