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Coverking Mossy Oak Camo Seat Covers Review - SEMA 2013

Video Transcription

Hello everyone, this is Tony with Coverking at SEMA 2013. Here I have a Neosupreme Mossy Oak Seat Cover. This seat cover accommodates all the compartments that might be available in a particular vehicle. This seat is covered in the complete Mossy Oak pattern so if you were to order this seat in a complete full row with the full pattern Mossy Oak cover, if the vehicle was equipped with a center console , it also will have a Mossy Oak pattern cover. Conversely, if you decided you’d like to go with a two-tone with the Mossy Oak in the center of the seat and with the black sides, think about the full row of the seats, you’d have a center console that would be covered in black material to contrast with the side of the seats and the armrest. These install just like our regular Neosupreme seat covers — tailored-fitting headrest, tailored-fitting backrest and armrest, airbag openings, depending on the application if it’s an airbag-equipped vehicle. Seat bottoms that clip underneath, easy to install. The Mossy Oak Seat Cover’s very popular with the outdoorsmen and the active lifestyle customer. The seat covers are water resistant, they have excellent durability, and of course, the Mossy Oak pattern is a great addition to stylize your vehicle. Pick up yours today at

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