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Coverking Neosupreme Seat Covers Review - SEMA 2013

Video Transcription

Hello everyone, this is Tony Savasta at SEMA 2013. I’m with Coverking and I’m here to talk about Neosupreme Seat Covers. So a Neosupreme Seat Cover is a Neoprene blend that covers the seat and these are custom-fit seat covers that we make for each individual application. They’re custom fit for each vehicle, whether the vehicle has a headrest, armrest; whether they’re bench or bucket seats. We also have the airbag openings on the side of our seat covers to accommodate airbags. As far as installing these seat covers, they are designed to fit the contour of the factory seat very closely. It’s a snug fit. It actually feels just like a wetsuit but it’s a blended Neoprene. It gives you the durability of a woven fabric with water-resistant properties and really great comfort. Neosupreme Seat Covers are the best choice for the active vehicle owner. Get yours today at

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