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Protect Your Backside with Car Seat Covers

From scorching heat to the freezing cold, your car seats can do a number on your backside in just about any season. Protect your assets from a scorching burn or any icy chill with car seat covers.

Hands down, neoprene seat covers and sheepskin seat covers are among two of the most popular styles during extreme seasonal temperatures. Neoprene seat covers provide the ultimate in protection. They’re water resistant (manufactured from the same material used in wet suits) and UV protected. This tough combination keeps your interior safe from everything encountered during the hazards of the daily commute to the off-road mud pits. Similar to neoprene, sheepskin seat covers provide an improvement on the standard seat cover. And with sheepskin, you’ll find the difference in the padding. Constructed from a specially-dense one-inch thick wool, they have a shorter life expectancy that other seat covers but more than make up for it with warmth, style and comfort.

If you’re looking for other fabrics that are more durable, a pet seats cover made from microfiber and endura may be just what you need. Microfiber is UV fade-resistant and blocks stains while endura provides an impenetrable layer of protection that stops spills from leaking through and actually resists pet hair from accumulating—ideal for those with furry friends that seem to shed no matter the season. Additionally, endura is known for maintaining an even temperature, perfect for avoiding hot seats in the summer and cold ones in the winter.

In the current economy, many people have found a way to cut corners without sacrificing style by purchasing their vehicle with the standard cloth covers then upgrading with aftermarket seat covers as an easy and cost-effective way of dressing up their vehicle. When they do, many select leather seat covers. It’s the simplest and most cost effective way of getting the luxurious appearance and feel of leather at a fraction of the cost of an actual leather interior!

Also known as car liners, most seat covers you’ll find today slip on and off with no tools required. Similar to floor mats, they’re tailored for your specific make, model and year to provide the perfect fit and are available for all seats and rows in your vehicle. Many seat covers — like F150 camo truck seat covers, Escape seat covers, Ford car seat covers and Ford Coverking seat covers – are available with additional stain repellents for complete protection against wet weather and spills. Plus, seat covers are available in a number of optional styles, including Hawaiian seat covers and a wide range of additional custom covers to match any interior or sense of style.

One thing to note: make sure you purchase covers manufactured from quality OEM fabrics with a soft foam backing, like those produced by Covercraft. Popular for the added comfort they provide, they also deliver the ultimate in value through lasting durability.

Seat covers and similar Ford accessories are a double-edged sword: they protect you as well as your resale value. Easy and affordable, they’re more than worth it just for the hassle they’ll save you in cleaning your stock interior.

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