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Anatomy of a MasterCraft Seat




MasterCraft vs. Others Comparison Chart




These seats are built from burly, .065, 3/4" mild steel, so you know they'll take all of the bumps and bruises out on the trails.

Even models with headrests are built equally-tough.

Other seats tend to be made from .049, 3/4" mild steel which is more prone to bending.

These seats usually have a built-in headrest that places additional strain on the seat's frame.


The frame tubing of MasterCraft seats routes along your ride's flooring. Over hard bumps, your weight is transferred evenly through the seat and to the floor. This eliminates pressure points that crumple other "off-road" seats.

Most so called "off-road" seats stand on 4-1 1/2"-wide mounting tabs that are prone to bending or breaking on hard landings.

2nd Suspension

The tailbone area of these seats is bolstered with 2 Pirelli rubber straps to support you over any terrain.

Other seats don't provide tailbone protection, leaving your backside sore after a day on the dunes.

Suspension Liner

1-piece mesh makes up the suspension liner of these seats. Best of all, their sling portion has no seams, which means they're less likely to tear.

Comparable seats use a coated vinyl, 2-piece sling that's sewn together at the seat and headrest seams. And, the more seams you add to a seat, the more likely one will fail.

Sling attachment

Flaps have 1-in. extruded plastic strips sewn in. Brass grommets provide a stable non-moving anchor for flaps to join with lacing cord. Cord is used only to attach flaps together. Provides continuous balance

.090 hanger wire provides an unstable moving area for flaps to join together. Lacing cord is used as a major part of the suspension. Provides inconsistent balance

Side Flaps

Face each other with a maximum spread of 2 inches

Face each other with a spread of 4-½ inches - more cord

Bottom Flaps

Face each other with a maximum spread of 2 inches

Face each other with 15-inch spread

Headrest Cap Back Flap

Separate piece, seamed at top with foam added for comfort. Sling wraps around ¾" tubing in shoulder area with an 18-inch spread

Sling runs up to top of headrest and is seamed at top with foam added. Seam at headrest supports entire back suspension. No attachment to back of frame


MasterCraft seat seams feature more stitches per inch than any other (.055). This adds incredible strength to the seat's seams

Ordinary race seats use less stitches than MasterCraft seats (.090), which makes their seams more prone to tearing.

Lacing cord

Used to hold the suspension flaps together

Used as a major part of the bottom suspension


All foam is 1.4 lb. - Heavier density & fire retardant. Foam is cut in various sizes. Placed around all edges to protect cover and give added comfort

All foam is1.0 lb. - Lighter density & fire retardant. Foam cut in various sizes. Placed around all edges to protect cover and give added comfort

Inside back

1.4 lb (heavier) foam in lumbar area is 3 inches thick

1.0 lb. (lighter) foam in lumbar area is 2 inches thick

Inside base

1.4 lb. (heavier) foam 2-4 inches in bottom of seat

1.0 (lighter) foam 1-2 inches in bottom of seat

Inside sides

1.4 lb. (heavier) foam is 1-inch thick

1.0 lb. (lighter) foam is 1-inch thick

Slot covers

Vinyl is placed over the 5-point slots - you don't see the foam

Not covered


Nylon fabric glued to ½” muslin-backed foam. All seams are double stitched at start and finish – no friction between fabric/foam for longer wear

Nylon fabric joined to 1-inch foam with single-lined seam, no back stitching. Causes friction/puckering in cover


3 separate pieces of vinyl sewn together to create a polished look

1-piece of vinyl, no additional sewing

Belt holes

Seat belt holes are reinforced with liner material for extra abrasion resistance.

Other seats don't reinforce their seat belt holes, making this one of the first spots on the seat to suffer heavy wear.


Vinyl glued to ½” foam for additional padding, sectioned for custom fit to follow contours of seat

Vinyl one-piece band, no foam added


Vinyl hand-wrapped around welting

Vinyl hand-wrapped around welting

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