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How to Shop for Rooftop Ski & Snowboard Racks

Pros and Cons of Rooftop Ski Racks & Snowboard Racks

Save yourself the headache of trying to slide, cram or fit your expensive, delicate skis or snowboards in the interior of your ride. Before you hit the slopes, check out this article to see what kind of benefits are offered by rooftop ski racks and snowboard racks.


  • They offer a very secure and stable way to carry cargo.
  • They leave complete access to your vehicle doors and trunk.
  • A low-profile design allows more clearance and is less detrimental to gas mileage than other rooftop cargo carriers — like cargo boxes.
  • Cons

  • Consider the added cost of a roof rack system if your vehicle isn’t equipped with factory rails or crossbars.
  • Rooftop racks lack versatility since they can only hold skis and snowboards.
  • While cargo boxes are more expensive and affect fuel efficiency, they offer extra protection for your gear from snow, salt and road-debris, along with the benefit of year-round use for luggage and other sporting equipment.

    Shop for Rooftop Ski Racks & Snowboard Racks

Things to Consider

How many pairs of skis or snowboards do you need?

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