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Hummer Power Steering Pump

Your Hummer is the epitome of off road vehicles. You don't want to be struggling to steer while bouncing over roots and rocks out in the wilderness. Save your energy for the adventure ahead. A power steering pump for Hummer purchased at AutoAnything makes steering a breeze once again.
When the steering wheel is turned, there's resistance from the front wheels at the road surface. This resistance is transmitted through the rack to the pinion gear so that the input shaft twists slightly on the torsion bar. This causes displacement in the rotary. It's this displacement that lets fluid flow through the valve to act on the piston at the steering gear, assisting you in turning your vehicle. This system must remain pressurized to work properly. Replace leaking parts or your Hummer power steering pump with parts from AutoAnything. Our 1-Year, Lower Price Guarantee keeps maintenance reasonable.
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Cardone Select Power Steering Pump

2007 Honda Accord Cardone Power Steering Pump

Arrived quickly and neatly packed. This pump is a direct fit for the OEM pump on My 2007 Honda Accord. Took longer to figure out where the release was for the serpentine belt and to flush out the old fluid than it did to remove and replace the old pump. 100% improvement over old pump; working great at this time. View more reviews...
Posted By Richard R (Sellersburg, IN) / November 4, 2017
2007 Honda Accord