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2006 Hyundai Azera
Steering Wheel Covers

2006 Hyundai Azera Steering Wheel Covers

Quick, name something in your car that you put your filthy mitts on more than your steering wheel. I’ll wait… OK, I’m impatient, the answer is nothing. Actually, if you did answer with something else, I don’t think I want to share the road with you. Either way, these things get dirty, worn out, sun damaged, and even torn. What our universal and custom steering wheel covers trucks or cars alike get you is the ability to either prevent that damage from happening or cover up the damage if it already has happened.
Drive your car for work? Have a long commute? Drive for a rideshare company? That’s hours and hours of your greasy, nose pickin’ paws clawing on that poor wheel. Ok, maybe you’re not that gross, but just think about that when it comes time to sell your car, or if you’re buying a used one. Steering wheel covers give you a little peace of mind towards your resale value, as well as knowing that at least universal car steering wheel covers are removable and can be washed or replaced easily.

OK, so what if you’re reviving an old steering wheel or just bought a used car and want to cover it up? We have more permanent custom steering wheel covers that you stitch in, like from Wheelskins. These are custom fit car steering wheel covers for your application, and can be sewn in and completed in an afternoon. You can choose from a range of leather colors, even mixing and matching, like with the EuroTone or EuroPerf steering wheel covers for trucks and cars both. They also cover a ton of applications going way back, so these would be a great choice for a car restoration project, or just bringing a nice, leather feel to your daily driver.

Whether you’re using these for your new daily, or older car restoration project, there are plenty of options to choose from here. Universal or custom car steering wheel covers can be just what you need to bring your car back to life or to help stave off inevitable damage and wear to protect your resale value.

Oh yeah, and we didn’t forget the super fans for sports or for your car brand of choice. Rep your favorite NHL, NFL, MLB, or college team! Slap a Ford Racing cover on your beast of a Mustang! Wrap your S2000’s wheel with Honda steering wheel covers! We also carry a ton of different fabrics and patterns. Throw some tweed on there, or some camo so convincing you’ll think someone stole your steering wheel -- or maybe now they never will because they can’t steal what they can’t see, right? OK, maybe not.

Have any questions or are unsure of where to start? Feel free to give us a call or hop into a chat window with one of our gearheads and we’ll get you going with just what you need.
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Customer Reviews

ProZ Leather Sport Grip Steering Wheel Cover

Great Product

My steering wheel was getting worn from gripping it in the same places. This is a great fit and very comfortable to grip. It is tight to put on. I set it on the dashboard in the sun inside the locked car for 90 minutes to make it more pliable. View more reviews...
Posted By Linda Q (Pittsburg, CA) / February 27, 2017
2012 Hyundai Azera
Wheelskins EuroTone Leather Steering Wheel Covers

Looks good 2nd try

I had to restring twice. They supplied extra cord at no cost. My experience is fairly long - this was my 5th installation. Problem I had is the stitching was not centered due to my pulling up and out on the cord to tighten the seam. This caused the cover to rotate forward. Make sure you pull parallel to the steering wheel to install and twist as you install if not centered. View more reviews...
Posted By Charles J (Suwanee, GA) / September 23, 2020
1997 Volkswagen Cabrio
Wheelskins Leather Steering Wheel Covers

Feels like butter

I absolutely love the feeling and overall appearance of it. I gave it a 4 on ease of installation only because of the time to sew it, but it was easy to do. I would definitely recommend this cover. View more reviews...
Posted By Debra D (Kokomo, IN) / August 15, 2020