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Lowering Kits

Look, we get it. Getting low in the club might not be your style, but riding low on the street certainly is. There are two schools of thought here. On one side you’ve got the all out performance guys who need to hunker their suspension down to make their cars corner like they’re running on rails. Then in the other camp, you’ve got the low and slow crowd who put more work into appearance and being unique than outright performance. If these two groups ever collide it will be an intense battle of tire smoke and vape clouds the likes of which we’ve never seen.

Car suspension has changed a lot over the last few decades, and some cars look better when they are riding low to the ground. With a Belltech lowering kit, you can change the look of the car and dramatically alter how the car rides down the road.

How Do Lowering Kits Work

A lowering kit changes a car’s suspension, making it sit closer to the ground. This can increase stability when making emergency maneuvers or going through turns, but it can also make the vehicle more aerodynamic since there is less air flowing underneath the car. This reduces the drag on the vehicle. Lowering kits work by changing out the stock springs for lowering springs, which are often a few inches shorter.

How Much Do Lowering Kits Cost?

If you plan to install a lowering kit on your own, you should expect to pay several hundred dollars for a high-end kit. When you shop with AutoAnything, you can find lowering kits for a range of sizes at prices as low as a hundred dollars.

How Long Do Lowering Kits Last

You will get a lot of use out of your lowering kit, as the springs are known to last a lifetime. Longevity depends on the wear and tear placed on the vehicle and terrain, but you may find these last longer than the standard shocks and springs that came with your vehicle. Mechanical failure is one common reason suspension springs may fail, and these would need to be replaced.

Signs & Symptoms of Faulty Lowering Kits

If you are having problems with your lowering kit, it is usually a problem with the lowering springs. When the springs start to go bad, you may notice uneven wear on the tires, bottoming out, extra bounce when driving or the vehicle tilting to one side.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Lowering Kits Through AutoAnything

When you are ready to give your vehicle a new look and improve how your car handles on the road, turn to the selection of lowering kits at Auto Anything. Not only is there a fantastic selection from industry-leading names like Belltech, Konie, Eibach or Bilstein, but there is also a team of Gearheads ready to help you figure out which kit is best for your budget and your car.

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