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Shocks & Struts


Have you been feeling an uncomfortable knock at the bottom of every speed bump? Or perhaps your ride is feeling a bit washy around tight corners? If your truck shocks are getting to the end of their life span or simply just aren’t cut out for the kind of driving you’re doing, then it’s time to start looking for an upgrade. AutoAnything has a huge range of shocks and struts available to suit all kinds of vehicles from lightning-fast little sports cars to serious off-roading trucks and everything in between – we have something to suit everyone’s needs.

A new set of shocks and struts can do wonders for your comfort and drivability. If you notice excessive bumps while driving over uneven surfaces, you may need to replace your suspension items. Instead of feeling every jolt on the road, you'll have smooth driving once again.

How Do Shocks & Struts Work?

The shocks and struts replacement work by dampening the bumps from uneven road surfaces. The springs support the weight of your vehicle and make sure your tires stay in contact with the road at all times. Struts help control your vehicle as you drive.

How Much Do Shocks & Struts Cost?

Modifying the struts and shocks on your truck won't empty your entire bank account. They only cost a couple of hundred dollars. It's worth it when you get to experience a smooth ride on any road surface once again.

How Long Do Shocks & Struts Last?

The length of time your shocks and struts last depends on how hard you work your vehicle. They can last anywhere from five to ten years depending on the types of driving you do. If you're rough on your truck or do a lot of offroading, they will last a much shorter time than if you're only doing road driving.

Signs & Symptoms of Faulty Shocks & Struts

When you begin to notice excessive bouncing while driving, you probably need new shocks and struts. Other signs you need to replace these items include a dipping front end when you go over a speed bump or exit a driveway, leaking fluid on the parts or a loss of control.

You may also notice additional swaying while going around turns. Finally, excessive tire wear or vibrations can be a sign that you need to replace these suspension items.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Shocks & Struts Through AutoAnything

Our experts are ready and available to answer any questions you might have about new shocks and struts. With the selection we have, you're sure to find the parts you need at reasonable prices.

Get back on the road with a smooth ride as soon as possible when you order today.

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Customer Reviews

SenSen Speedy Strut Spring and Strut Assembly

Comfortable ride

Struts seem to be a little more springy. I haven't tried them for very long but I am happy with them so far View more reviews...
Posted By graciela O (ALAMOGORDO, NM) / January 27, 2023
Bilstein B8 5100 Series Truck, Jeep & SUV Shocks & Struts

Smooth ride

These shocks really smoothed out the suspension and look great. I'm glad they come in plus sizes. Made selection easy. View more reviews...
Posted By randy o (ALAMOGORDO, NM) / January 21, 2023
2007 Dodge Ram
Bilstein B6 4600 Shocks & Struts

Bilstein 4600s are STILL an awesome choice!

The 4600s have been around for what, 20+ years? I had them on my 2002 2500 HD DMax and they were great then. Fast forward to today. The factory Rancho shocks on my 2022 2500 HD DMax were very stiff. My wife finally had enough of the rough ride and told me to get new shocks. Went back to the 4600s and they are as good now as they were 20 years ago. I have a MUCH smoother ride and the truck handles just as well--if not better--than with the stiffer Ranchos. I highly recommend! View more reviews...
Posted By Blaine P (Roseburg, OR) / October 25, 2022
2019 GMC Acadia

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As any vehicle owner knows, shocks and struts are essential to the suspension system. They work together to provide a smooth ride, absorb bumps and protect your tires from wear. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever. Over time, shocks and struts can become worn out, resulting in a rougher ride and increased tire wear. If you’re […] The post 3 Reasons It’s Important to Replace Your Shocks & Struts appeared first on AutoAnything Resource Center.
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