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FOX Suspension Systems

Fox Suspension has been the reigning king of the desert since they came on the scene in 1977. As if conquering race after race wasn’t enough, they dominated the aftermarket suspension world to such and extent that a lot of people think they’re a clothing brand after seeing so many people rocking their logo on hats and T-shirts.
It there is one thing that has remained consistent with Fox Racing Suspension, it’s their reputation for high quality shocks and coilovers. So good in fact, they co-developed the F-150 Raptor’s suspension with Ford, and now every single SVT Raptor that rolls of the production like is sitting on Fox truck shocks, helping them to become unequivocally the most capable factory trucks off-road today. Beast.

So which Fox shocks for sale today are right for your truck or SUV? Well that depends on a few factors. If you’re just looking for an upgrade to your stock shocks, then just the standard Fox Suspension 2.0 shocks are surprisingly affordable for what you get. Like all Fox truck shocks, each one is built with valving tuned specifically for your make and model truck, so it’s not just a one size fits all type of deal. They are also 100% rebuildable and can be revalved for further tuning for heavily modified trucks. This goes for all Fox shocks for sale today, by the way, not just the 2.0’s.

If you need something a little more purpose built, look into the Fox Racing Suspension 2.0 or 2.5 coil overs. These are adjustable for height as well as dampening, and can be had with remote reservoir if needed to provide extra fluid capacity for heat management over long stretches of intense driving. This is especially important out on the desert when doing high speed runs over washboard surfaces and whoops, which are especially brutal on your suspension.

All Fox shocks for sale today are covered under at least a one year warranty to cover you if the worst happens. To help maintain shock life, roost shield kits are available to help protect the shaft of the shock from damage from kicked up rocks, sand, and dirt, as pitting in the shaft can damage the seal between the shock and the valve body itself. Fox Suspension coil overs come with spanner wrenches to adjust your height to where you need it, and to help compensate for extra weight you’ve added to combat unwanted rake in your suspension.

Not sure which Fox truck shocks to go with? Why not give us a call and we can figure out what would be best for your build and what you plan to do with it, and any other parts you might need or might not have considered. We’re here in San Diego with quick access to the desert, so this stuff is second nature to us!
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Customer Reviews

FOX 2.0 Performance Series Smooth Body IFP Reservoir Shocks

They look great

Better ride on a bad roads View more reviews...
Posted By Jose A P (LAKE BALBOA, CA) / October 22, 2020
FOX 2.0 Performance Series Coil-Over IFP Shocks

Great shock

Used to have rough country 2.5 spacers on my frontier and it was a rough ride on dirt road. I was undecided on what brand of shocks to buy. So I went with this fox shocks. I'm happy with the change and glad I can still run my big tires for the 2017 frontier. View more reviews...
Posted By thomas z (Zuni, NM) / April 25, 2020
2017 Nissan Frontier
FOX 2.0 Performance Series Smooth Body IFP Shocks

2016 Ram 1500

Put these on my Ram to replace my bilsteins. The bilsteins was too harsh, these are soft and smooth both on road and gravel road. It didn't come with a boot, so I don't know about the long-term affect of getting the strut arm. Besides that, I'm very satisfied with these View more reviews...
Posted By Jerry K (NEWPORT COAST, CA) / July 2, 2019
2016 Dodge Ram