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Audi A4 Lowering Kits

A4 lowering spring and shocks reward you in so many ways. We could go on and on about how hot your car is going to look. We might mention that when you get your A4 lower it gets rid of those ugly spaces above the wheels. But, we think you're more interested in performance so we want to you know that when you lower your center of gravity it greatly eliminates corner roll, acceleration squat and braking nose-dive. You're going to love the enhanced responsiveness and smooth ride you get with your Audi A4 lowering kit. Finally, you're also going to love our 1-year lower price guarantee and free shipping offer.

If a set of Audi A4 lowering springs sounds like a panacea for all your car's handling woes, you'd be pretty much right on. But, as you may have noticed, there is a wide array of springs available for you today. In fact, here at AutoAnything we take pride in the fact that we're able to offer virtually all the lowering springs Audi A4 drivers could ever hope to find in one place. All you have to do is start clicking your way through our inventory to find the perfect set for your vehicle.

We're confident that within a few minutes you'll come across the right set of A4 lowering springs to meet both your performance demands and your personal budget. That's because we carry all of the best lowering springs for Audi A4s that are on the market today. You'll find top quality products from Eibach, ST, B&G and others as you explore our virtual aisles. And, you can also select from springs only setups to complete kits to upgrade your car's suspension. It's just a matter of how far you want to take your project today. What are you waiting for? Start exploring.

Then, after you've found the right A4 lowering kit and heaved it into your virtual shopping cart, don't rush right over to checkout. Take a few minutes to look at a couple more great products we have for your vehicle. For example, keep your interior carpeting looking like your car just rolled off the factory assembly line and grab a set of top quality Audi A4 floor mats. We have a huge variety of styles for you to see today. Finally, get ready for your next road trip or quick weekend getaway with an Audi A4 roof rack.

Audi A4 Lowering Kits Reviews
Check out this recent Audi A4 Eibach Springs Pro Damper Shock Absorbers customer review: Aditya W from Bellevue, WA says "Absolutely sensational! I had my doubts about after market lowering suspension. But not only the Eibach Pro-kit springs and Pro-damper struts handle better than the stock suspension, it is actually MORE comfortable. No more jarring ride from dips and poorly designed manhole covers! It's amazing why more people don't choose this setup."
Either way, we’re all here for one reason. Bringing our cars, trucks, and SUVs down closer to mother earth by way of suspension lowering kits. Depending on what you’re looking to accomplish, you can go a little more mild (and affordable) with just a set of good lowering springs -- or you can go big with spindle drop kits or coilover lowering kits.

Looking for a suspension lowering kit for your truck? Belltech are the kings of pickup truck and SUV lowering kits, by way of lowering springs, spindle drop kits, leaf spring flip kits, and shock mount extensions. These kits will not only lower your truck, but give you added stability and confidence around turns and in emergency maneuvers -- which is where big and tall trucks and SUVs start to get a little scary (just search “moose test” on YouTube to see what we mean).

On the performance side, a nice set of lowering springs and shocks can go a long way towards helping your cornering performance for canyon carving, autocross, or track days. If you want to really go down the rabbit hole, though, coilovers are where the real transformative performance comes in. One of the big advantages with coilover suspension lowering kits is the flexibility and tunability they give you, as most of the time they are height adjustable at least, and some even have adjustment for dampening and rebound. This means you can tune your suspension exactly the way you need for your setup and driving style.

For some good brands to look out for, H&R, Tein, Eibach, and Pedders all make great quality lowering springs, and then KW is one of the kings of coilover lowering kits. Belltech like we mentioned rules the pickup truck suspension lowering kits and and drop kits world, and you can never go wrong with Bilstein or Koni for all around performance.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Give us a call or hop into a chat with one of our Gearheads and we’ll help you figure out what kit is best for your car, driving style, and budget. Let’s get this done and get it done right!
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Customer Reviews

H&R Sport Lowering Coil Springs


Fits right on. Looks good. View more reviews...
Posted By Brad C (MERRICK, NY) / June 14, 2020
2008 Audi A4
H&R Race Lowering Coil Springs


The ride quality is amazing. Specs said about 1.9-1.7 inch drop but it dropped more than 2 inches and still managed to give a quality ride. View more reviews...
Posted By Clarence K (SACRAMENTO, CA) / June 23, 2016
1996 Audi A4
Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs

Good Quality

Eibach makes a good quality product I've been using them for years on both street and race cars. This set I installed on my street Audi A4 daily commuter (approx. 1500 miles per month). Car feel great improved handling all-round. I feel they could have lowered the rear another half inch. But car still looks great. View more reviews...
Posted By Patrick B (Lake Worth, FL) / January 29, 2015
2008 Audi A4

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