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Eibach Suspension Systems Customer Reviews

Eibach Pro-Plus Suspension Kit Reviews

Reviewed by Hunter S (Naples, FL) Reviewed for a 2007 Chevy Cobalt — 2012-12-21 20:51:17

I tried to install it myself and the rear springs and anti roll bar went pretty smoothly. I was not able to get the front springs on the struts without a spring compressor and i didnt feel comfortable dropping the subframe of my car in order to get the old sway bar out and the new in. After it was all done it was worth it. The springs are very rough riding which is great and i am able to take turns like crazy. If i knew it would be this big of a difference i would have done it along time ago

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Eibach Pro Street Coil-Over Shocks Reviews

Reviewed by Chris B (Boise, ID) Reviewed for a 2005 Dodge Neon — 2008-08-02 19:01:11

I had coilovers on my SRT-4 already and they rode horribly. I wanted to upgrade. Confused on what brand to go with, I finally chose to buy Eibach. It is a name that has been in the industry since I can remember. Well, I am not disappointed one bit. They ride extremely well and handle just as good too. And if you ever peer through the spokes of the rims, they look great too. This is an awesome product.

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Eibach Pro Damper Shock Absorbers Reviews

Reviewed by Steven H (Mandeville, LA) Reviewed for a 2006 Ford Mustang — 2010-06-15 21:30:00

Ordered Eibach Pro Springs and Pro Damper/strut Shock Absorbers for my '06 Mustang GT on Memorial Day weekend and got them in five workdays. Had a friend with an auto shop install both kits. No need for an adjustable Pan Hard Bar. The ride is great and the look is even better, makes the stock 17" retro Bulitt wheels and tires fill the wheel wells as they should. Before the wheels looked like skate wheels under my ride, but now it low and stocky. Hit the brakes, no nose dive and my head and shoulder don't go forwards, It feels as if your hips want to go foward. (lower center of gravity) So I say spend the money, buy both kits and fall in love with your car again!

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Eibach Pro-Truck Lowering Kit Reviews

Reviewed by James R (San Marcos, TX) Reviewed for a 2005 Dodge Ram — 2008-07-26 08:36:01

I got this kit for $355.00 and free shipping and everyone else on the internet wanted $500.00 man you cant beat the deal I got!!! I love the way my truck sits now and especially how well it takes the bumps on the road, for the price and great quality of this Eibach kit, I would definitly recommend it for a simple lowering job. My only drawback is I wish the the front coil springs came with instructions, I've only done it one other time before this one so I was hazey on the "how to" but other then that awesome kit!!!.

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