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Remember that scene in Fast and Furious where those lowered Civics drove under the semi-truck? Ready for how awesome that scene was to be ruined forever? It turns out it was just a bunch of movie magic. Yep, they built specially lifted trailers for the trucks used in those scenes. But it’s kinda cool knowing that truck lift kits are becoming so ubiquitous that there are even semi-trucks with lift kits on them out there somewhere.
So what do you need? Looking for more clearance and performance off road? Want to clear bigger tires? Just like the look? All of the above? Either way, we’ve got some solutions for you with a wide range of lift kits for trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps to choose from. From spacer lifts and leveling kits to full on hardcore suspension lift kits that will completely transform how your vehicle drives.

Lift kit types:

Spacer lifts: This is generally the cheapest and easiest to install option. They are basically just blocks of aluminum, steel, or delrin that space out your coil springs, struts, or leaf springs to be higher up. These truck lift kits are purely for looks or just to clear bigger tires, as they leave your suspension travel and geometry alone, and do nothing to improve performance. However, they are the cheapest option out there, and only take an afternoon to install! Definitely recommend these over a body lift.

Leveling kits: Ever notice how most trucks come from the factory with a little bit of a stinkbug stance to them? This is done so your rear suspension doesn’t sag so much if you load up the bed or attach a heavy trailer. This is great and all, but then unless you have thousands of pounds back there, you’re sitting with a front rake, which doesn’t look all that great. Leveling kits solve this usually with 1”-2” spacers in the front, or even new shocks or coil overs depending on which of these truck lift kits you go with.

Full suspension lift kits: So yes, all of these are technically suspension lift kits, but this is what people generally are referring to when they talk about lift kits for trucks. These will replace your vehicle’s shocks, springs, and oftentimes suspension arms, swaybar links etc. Since you’re replacing these components anyway, they are usually much higher rated parts that are built to not only handle rough off road conditions, but to handle them better than stock, all while giving you the clearance you need.

Did this help you find what you’re looking for? Need more specific advice? Hit us up! Give us a call or hop into a chat and tell us your ideas for your project and we’ll help you work out the details. We’ve got a wide selection of lift kits for trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps, and years of expertise to fall back on.
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ICON Lift Kits

Kush Ride

Rides better than stock. Feels great . Sucks up the bumps. Very happy!!! View more reviews...
Posted By Alan C (Antioch, IL) / April 24, 2020
2005 Toyota 4Runner
ReadyLIFT SST Lift Kits

Texas Truck

I've ordered several items for AutoAnything and have always been pleased. Always fast shipping and great customer service. Haven't had a chance to install the lift yet but had their leveling kit on my last truck and loved it. View more reviews...
Posted By Bradley A (Royse City , TX ) / February 26, 2020
2019 Chevy Silverado
King OEM Performance Shock Upgrade Kits

2012 Tundra 6" Procomp

Everything was perfect except sticker on reservoir was upside down on passenger side. View more reviews...
Posted By Ron P (ANCHORAGE, AK) / June 26, 2019

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