KYB vs. Monroe Shocks: Which Suspension Brand is Best?

Whether you’re upgrading your stock suspension or replacing worn out shocks and struts, installing quality components is the only way to guarantee you feel fewer bumps, improve vehicle stability and get even tire-wear. But, what performance parts are best suited to your style of driving — KYB shocks or Monroe struts? We’ll compare the highlights of both these top-tier brands to find the right fit for your ride.

The Advantage of KYB Shocks & Struts

KYB shocks come standard on almost one in four vehicles, straight from the assembly line, across the globe. But, that is just one reason why KYB is a leader in the performance parts industry. Taking their knowledge beyond stock suspension systems, KYB is known worldwide for developing advanced aftermarket shocks and struts for both daily drivers and street-racers.

KYB struts are manufactured with components and valving customized for your specific vehicle’s needs — whether to restore your vehicle’s original handling and control or to take that control to peak performance levels. For those who follow normal driving standards, they offer Excel-G shocks, which are designed to restore OE performance, while Gas-a-Just monotube struts deliver a firmer ride with more control than twin-tube designs, for drivers who like to take it to the limit.


About Monroe Shocks & Struts

Monroe shocks and struts has been an innovator in the suspension industry since 1992. Using technologies designed to match the OE ride and handling of your daily driver, Monroe shocks are available for most popular cars, light trucks and SUVs. From humble beginnings in small-town Monroe, Michigan, to creating one of the first complete, ready-to-install strut assemblies, Monroe shocks and struts has made branded themselves as ride control specialists.


Your Smooth Ride Awaits

Choosing the right shocks and struts doesn’t have to be a hassle when you consider just a few simple things. If you want shocks simply to replace the worn-out factory parts on your ride to return it to its once pristine nature, consider KYB Excel-G struts or the all-in-one Strut-Plus complete assembly. Or, Monroe offers a line-up of suspension parts specifically designed to restore your OE ride control. For shocks and struts that can stand-up to rougher road conditions, KYB Gas-a-Just monotube shocks and struts are a great choice.

If you’re still not sure what to choose between KYB vs. Monroe shocks, check out the many shocks reviews left by AutoAnything customers. Search based on your specific vehicle to find out what drivers like you are saying about the best replacement shocks or performance struts for your ride.