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Eibach Anti Roll Bars Reviews

Reviewed by Howard L C (Raleigh, NC) Reviewed for a 2006 Mazda Miata/MX-5 — 2008-09-13 16:46:23

I installed the sway bars with the help of a friend in approximately 2 hours. It seemed to me that I had to remove the plastic undertray pan in the front and the left front inner fender liner to make room to slide the sway bar out. I was surprised at our TMR Tech Day today at Long Road Racing, that another member had installed the same kit without remving any of the plastic. So at the Tech Day he supervised two of us in 'the move' - the rotate, slide, etc to remove and install the front with all of the plastic in place - saves 45 minutes. In any case the Eibach kit has satisfied my need to a little tighter cornering during my daily driving. I am actually considering another auto-cross. I could not be more pleased with the kit and the value and service at AutoAnything.

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Belltech Anti-Sway Bar Sets Reviews

Reviewed by Jeff R (Chagrin Falls, OH) Reviewed for a 2007 Cadillac SRX — 2012-05-11 04:26:04

The kit came with everything I needed for the install, minus the tools of course. Quality of the sway bars and extension rods(bushings, bolts, etc..) seem to be top notch. The instructions are straight forward. Great price for a quality product. Shipping was free, but you need to sign for them in person, so make sure you can be home. I had to end up driving to the UPS hub and load the boxes in my SUV.

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ST Suspension Anti-Sway Bars Reviews

Reviewed by peter s (San Diego, CA) Reviewed for a 1992 Honda Civic — 2008-01-10 23:02:31

I installed these in my garage by myself with the aid of a floor jack and two jack stands. The kit was easy enough to figure out once I studied the inventory list of parts. I layed them out in a mock up fashion on the ground before I installed them. Removing the wheels will be a great help with maneuvering the washers and bolts on the brackets. The rear went in faster even though I had to drill out two spots for each of the lower bolts on the brackets. Everythin bolted right up and fit great. I was eager to drive the car after I finished them and get the wheels back on too. I drove it slow around my neighborhood and then I went out on the main roads where their is light traffic. The ride I took was so impressive that I went for the highway to check out the on and off ramps around my area and I have to say, that it felt like a different car with no sag or roll or any of its previous limitations. I am glad that I bought these bars because I do not have the factory LCA's to mount end links up to like other Hondas. This made my DX Civic Sedan a 4 door sports car! You should get one and trust that they are great kits and can be installed by anyone with a few tools and some space and time to do it. Peter

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Whiteline Sway Bars Reviews

Reviewed by Evan S (AUSTIN, TX) Reviewed for a 2011 Volkswagen GTI — 2013-01-30 19:32:45

Haven't tried any other aftermarket bars to compare this to but it makes a nice difference in handling at high speeds. Install was simple and it seems like a very sturdy bar (this one is solid throughout whereas some bars, including the stock one, are I understand it, 24mm of solid bar will do more for you than 24mm hollow so don't shy away from this because it's 24mm and not 27/28).

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